Monday, December 31, 2007

Hoo boy

Usually I'm kinda pensive and wish for more time in the old year. I have a strange sentimentality about the old year fading into the new year.

Funny how the older I get, and the faster time goes for me... I've mellowed out about that sentimentality. But I have been kinda scared recently about how much faster time does go the older you get. I'm feeling my mortality more and more. And freaking out about never really contributing anything.

I've mellowed out about a lot of things too which makes me happy. I find characters in books and movies not getting on my nerves so much anymore. And I finally made it into an adult mentality of being genuinely happy for other people's successes simply because then that means there's hope for me, or anybody out there. There is so much ick and bad in this world, I am going to focus on the positive... why waste the short time we have?

I'm also all over the board on this post here.

Anyways. I like odd years, odd numbers better than even numbers. But oh well. I guess I'm looking forward to 2008 because I'll graduate college part I. The Associates. Oh Goody Goody.
But at least it's something. Finally.
Then I'll work my butt off to make sure I get my bachelor's in 2010. Wish it could be 2009 though... I like odd numbered years I tell you!

I sort of have the requisite new year's resolutions... lose weight, get in shape. But also I'll add in working on the debt. The best I can anyways. It's not too bad, but it's hard to work on it when we're living on my husband's disability. Believe me, he'd much rather work but he was continually fired for having seizures. Of course that was never officially the reason, but it totally was.

Well, that's about all I can provide for tonight. I'm not in a really inspired mood I suppose. It's ok.

ETA: Well, I didn't really notice the time when I posted this... since it does have the date of December 31, 2007... and I may not get online later on today because I want to go have some fun... I'll just have to say HAPPY NEW YEAR right now.

I will miss 2007, despite what I said. Twas a decent year for us, really. We've been through worse. And I will miss the odd number of the year!
May our lives continually get better and so may yours.
As I had on my wedding cake:
Live Long and Prosper.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Not used... pre-owned

I'm kinda tickled that you can buy gum Used and New at amazon . com.
Oh yeah, bring it.

And we're off to a running start

Kinda weird to put this as my first post here but here we go. I had dental work done without being numb. Oh yeah, it was even more fun that you can imagine. I promise.

My lower right jaw is hard to numb up... So they start drilling and just when I'm going to ask for another shot, they said they were done. I thought "Well, okay, guess I'll keep going." It was still hard, there was even more fun stuff to yet to come. In the end, frankly, I think it was a lot like childbirth. My brain is helping me forget most of that pain, I can barely remember having it done now. Oy. But I needed to be on vicoden all night long for the pain.

I think I'm going to have to quit my math tutoring job. I'm sad. It looks good on transcripts and resumes, not to mention we could use the money... but my school work and even mental health have to come first. Oh well. :-(

I'm being even more boring than usual... but I'm soooo enjoying my break. It's been nothing but non-stop schooling for the past 16 months. It's so delicious to have this break.
What I've mostly been doing is slacking off and watching my TV DVD's. Lately it's "The Golden Girls". Then I have "The Cosby Show" to watch.
I also have some books I want to read, including one I checked out from my college's library, "What Color is Your Parachute?"

I don't want school to start up on the 14th. *whine* Stupid school. I'll be taking French, 2 different geography classes, 1 history class (exciting! Oh boy!) and a ballroom dancing class.

Well, I said I was being even more boring than usual!

Friday, December 28, 2007

New Bloggie!

Hello, welcome to my new blooger spot.