Thursday, January 22, 2009

o-bla-di o-bla-da

What a tease. I signed into my student portal for college and it lists me as a Senior. *sigh* I'm not really. I'm still technically a Junior.
I had 6 semesters left to complete before I graduate when I transferred schools last summer, I have completed two of them. By the end of this spring semester I'll only be halfway done.

This can just really suck. College is hard to complete in just 4 years, two semesters a year. I have been going all year long, full time, since fall 2006, and I even had some previous credits that would apply!

Part of the problem is figuring out a major. That's the pits right there. Yes you can take the required classes during your fresh and soph year while you try and figure it out... but you still have to think about the future and take certain classes no matter what.

For instance, I took 1 year of Geology and 1 year of Astronomy for my sciences. But now that I've picked/changed my major... I need two other life science classes: Landforms and Soils and Climate and Vegetation.

If I had known that my major was going to be Geography and Environmental Science I could've taken those freshman classes instead of the two semesters of Geology.

Because I am now a Junior/Senior and yet I am catching up and taking a 101 class this semester!

PLUS not knowing which college you're going to transfer to, if this is applicable, can bite you in the ass. My specific college has a requirement that you must have had 2 semesters of a foreign language. I quickly crammed in French I before my last semester at my old college, but I still have to complete French II before I attempt to graduate in May 2010.
(and typically French II doesn't run in the summers which totally sucks. I wish I could just take that over the summer and not have to combine it with other classes.)


And it's that time of year again... FAFSA. Well, taxes and FAFSA and dealing with financial aid at school. *great big sigh* Well, at least it is my last year for doing this. Until I do a master's or something, but that's going to be quite awhile before I do that.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

nothing to see here

First day of school today. Went rather well. I'm finally in classes I've wanted. Too bad I only have one year left to cram all the classes I want into my life. I hate that I had to waste my time on so many crap classes I had no interest in but was required to take. Feh.

Not much to say about the day other than quickly figuring out which people in this class are going to highly grate on my nerves. Ugh. Joyous.

Welcome to the new administration. Welcome President Obama. What an amazing day.

Monday, January 12, 2009


So I had logging in problems for a long time and I just felt kinda "eh" about posting. We had to put one of our birds, a cockatiel, to sleep because he had a tumor in his abdomen.

Anyways. So it's a new year though it's already been crap for me in just the short 2 weeks thus far...

Here's something. One year ago I bought textbooks online and it took forever for them to get here. I ordered them with about 10 days to go before I needed them and that is cutting it close but I was hoping it wouldn't be cutting it too close.

But it did. I didn't have my French book on the first day of class.

So this year I ordered them with about 12 days to go before I need them. (Classes begin on January 20, Phooey.) Guess what? I ordered them last Thursday night... got notices in my email that all of them shipped on Friday morning and *boom* - They all came today.

That literally took less than 4 days and one of them was a Sunday. And one, Saturday, isn't even a traditional business day.

They were all ordered by different places online too.

Well at least I have them, but I'm still shaking my head over Murphey's Law. Raising blood pressure since day one.