Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Corn nuts need not apply

Yeah. Corn nuts are okay, if you haven't eaten them in about a decade and you're feeling really peckish... and they're all that is available.

Today another student asked our professor if eating in the classroom was okay, and he said "Sure. *pause* Just don't eat corn nuts. They're way too loud and they make the room stink."
LOL. I agree.

I had a class on the first floor of this one building on my campus last semester. This place looked like total poop. The white walls were stark, dirty, peeling and ugly, and the baseboard whatever-it-is was missing. Over the winter break they painted all the walls, including some accent walls in a pretty maroon color, reapplied maroon baseboards... and it looks so nice there now!
My point is, naturally all this had to occur when I don't have a class on that floor and I likely will not again.

By the time they make their way up to the third floor, the one I practically live on with my classes now, I'll probably have graduated*. :-( Dammit. I like looking at pretty things and since my tuition money is funding this anyway, why can't I at least enjoy it while I'm there?
This sucks.

*I don't know this for sure, I am hoping they'll get the rest of the building done over the summer so I can enjoy it before I graduate, but with the way my luck goes, I won't hold my breath.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A little rant

I don't know if I ever mentioned this, probably not, but I will now. It's not earth shattering, just a little something to get off my chest.

In my college graduation last year there were photos taken by this one big *cough*mass monopoly*cough* company during the ceremony. They sent out my proofs and one didn't look half bad, the other was even better than that. So I ordered a copy of each picture.

These lame asses cropped off an entire inch at the bottom of the photo to put in a very nasty, eye sore banner. It's just white with the name of their company (oh surprise!), the college and the date. In blue ink, not even a pretty gold color or something.
Ok. I certainly don't begrudge having a copyright or watermark or something on the photos, but not in this fashion. It is an eyesore that shoves hot pokers into my eye sockets every single time I look at them.

I complained about them to the company. They're all "Too bad. If you don't like it, send the pictures back." (And that really is just about word for word the email I received from them.) I totally should have done that.

You see, one of the most annoying things about this ugly banner is that they simply cropped off the bottom of your photo. I worked damn hard for my Magna Cum Laude ropes (1 B threw me from Summa. How frustrating) and yet the tassels on the bottom in my pictures are gone! They were there in the proofs, in full length. And that was why I was happy with these photos. But these buttmunches think that it's perfectly reasonable to just cut off a graduate's honors for their uninspired, clunky, industrial, larger than the Washington Monument banner.

I think I'll write another email complaining about it. More anon-like.

This really grinds my gears.
Another thing that grinds my gears is my brain not working properly. More beer over here please! LOL