Monday, September 29, 2008

What hill?

Random stories pop into my head from my bus driving days... one of them is really minor and puerile but I can't help share it anyway.

I was designated as a field trip driver which I really loved doing. I got to travel and see places for free. Typically I would just drive people some place and then read for hours by myself or something. The only reason I bailed was to make a better life for myself and the field trips were really slowing down. I didn't want to go back to a regular route.

Anywho! I was living off directions constantly and one time I had to drive to Denver and find Jack Ass Hill. That just made me laugh even though I know it's really just an animal.

Man. Nothing but SOSDD around here. Though this is a slightly lighter homework week. But the week of 10/12 or whatever is going to majorly SUCK. I have two tests that week and I think a big project is due too. *scream*

But at least things are a bit lighter for now. Instead of 300 or 400+ pages I have to read it's only 24 pages and an article, though the article is a bit long.

My hubby and I are going to join the college gym too. They allow family! Woo hoo! But no 'woo hoo' because classmates may see me in my bathing suit. Eh.

Well, that's your entertainment from my end of the world. I'm a little braindead today so nothing is really coming to me. I was invited to and just joined the National Society of Leadership and Success. I'm a little nervous. I'm trying to push myself outside of my box, because I'm an introvert. So this will be a bit uncomfortable. Oh well. I think it'll be beneficial.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Post of Rage

Don't you hate it when a bunch of events line up to embarrass and/or annoy you? Well, that happened to me today.

I took my husband's cell phone with me to school. Long story. Anyways, I could not figure out how to get it to "silent mode". (and I'm pretty savvy with that stuff.) So, I turned it off for most of the day.

Now please also note I do not get many cell calls. At all. Only from family, as I have no friends really. My phone could be silent for days or weeks. Ryan doesn't get a lot of calls either, though more than I do.

In the last few weeks to months even my husband hasn't called me all that much. Usually I have my own phone and I have a nice "vibrate" feature that is easy to access for cryin' out loud. Therefore even if I'm in class it's okay to get a phone call. But still, he hasn't called me as much as he used to.

Until today.

Today he had to call me repeatedly to tell me he misses me and can't wait for me to come home.

Let me back up though. I was in the library waiting out the Shuttle Bus Crush; the shuttle buses are so damn crowded at certain times that you just need to wait. So now I have to wait 30 minutes after my last class before I can get a guaranteed seat. (I have another rageful tale. Ok, we interrupt this Rage to bring you Old Rage. A couple of weeks ago the bus was full. The driver was asking people "Any seats left?" The answer came "One." Well, this guy who wasn't even waiting at the stop just breezed his way past me and boarded the bus. He was utterly oblivious to anyone but himself. I was so pissed off. I was standing right at the doors, but to the side waiting to see if there were any seats left. I know I should have said something but it just didn't work out so that I could. And the capper? This guy was only going to get his lunch out of his car. Because on the next bus down to the parking lot, he was getting back on to go back to school with his lunch. OH I was pissed off.)

Ergo what I do now is just wait in the library for 30 minutes for that mad rush to calm down. It's okay, I always have plenty of effing ready material to get accomplished. I am SO BOGGED DOWN WITH READING it is not funny. Like every class wants me to read a novel for the next week. That's 4 novels a week. I'm really hitting my limit here. (This is just Rage icing on this Rage cake.)

Back to my original story. I'm in the library. I turn on the cell phone to check the time, it's time to leave so I'm walking out of the library. Not 30 second later, the phone starts to ring. LOUDLY. I happened to also turn up the volume so that when I give it back to Hubs, he can hear the phone for when I call. So that's my contribution to this whole mess. One part of it anyway.

I scurry to silence the phone, but Hubs leaves a message. Now I get a loud voice mail message tone indicator. Then he called me back!!!! I silence the phone again and then go to turn it off again. Naturally the phone has to announce to people in New Zealand that I have pushed the power off button... there's a very loud "shut-down-power-off-Dave-don't-kill-me" song and dance the cell phone must perform.

F***!!!!! My contribution to this was turning the volume up and not turning the phone back off after I checked the time. Hubs contribution is, after months of not calling me... he decides he really misses me and calls me repeatedly to see where I was. (He knew I was out of class, but couldn't know about the library.)

So I call him back after I'm finally out of the library and rip him a new one. I'm not really mad at him though. I'm pissed off at the entire situation.

The ONE time I turn on the phone for the whole day, he calls. The ONE day, after months of not really calling me, he calls me repeatedly. I'm trying to leave the library and in those few minutes that it will take me to walk to the exit I need... EVERYTHING HAS TO CONSPIRE AT ONCE.

And HAL? Oh I'll get to him later with a screwdriver. Stupid cell phone.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Corn Porn

Alrighty then, finally something to giggle about. I'm required to read a book by Michael Pollan called The Omnivore's Dilemma. It's a very good book.
(Oh sure, the book goes on sale after I had to buy it for college. Naturally.)

I was pretty grumpy when I started reading it, however that changed when I got a giggle out of a passage. In mentioning America's past uses for corn cobs, he of course brought up using dry corn cobs in the privy. Giving us America's slang "corn hole".


Then he did indeed move onto "corn porn" and literally talked about "corn sex." And he mentioned how corn is backwards in its reproducing ways, in such that the female is phallic and the male organ is more "flowery".

Anywho. All giggles aside, this is a great book and very educational. Maybe it's because I'm human, maybe it's because I'm vegetarian, maybe it's because I have been wildly interested in "natural living", maybe it's because I married into a farming family but this is stuff I've been fascinated with for a long time.

It's pretty scary though. Scary what our world is coming to and even scarier to wonder how it can be ultimately fixed. I don't think I'll see any vast improvements in my lifetime. Things are starting to snowball a bit, such as more awareness in natural, non-antibiotic, non-GMO-grain fed beef and stuff like that. But the government, the Farm Bill and all that NAFTA stuff is just... well, it's not going so well at the moment.

But I'm not trying to start a riot with my little blog entry. I just wanted to make a comment about the book. Which all should read, I truly believe that. Being in college I see how education really is a major key for a better future.

BTW the movie/documentary "King Corn" is also quite worth a viewing with an open mind.

Now as for my other classes? *sigh* I'm totally inundated with projects and books to read. Tons and TONS of reading. It's killing me. I really hate this semester.

I had a nerd dream last night. I was explaining Hadley Cells to some people. See, that's what I'm more interested in, Physical Geography. Though geography tries to get humans and physical to correlate. But still, I'm more interested in the science part.

Anywho, here's hoping my future semesters will be better. I already know I'm going to take a physical meteorology class and I just found out about something I really would like to take: biopsychology. It's called Brain and Behavior. I already have my science requirements, more than I need actually, but I'll be taking it for an elective. It would be highly fascinating and very felicitous to me because of my husband's traumatic brain injury.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

No more!!!!!!!!!

Ugh. Stupid school. So much reading to do. Hate it. Can't speak in complete sentences.

So I'll say what I did for fun on Sunday. We have a membership to our local zoo and I was able to pet a tarantula and a wallaby. I wanted to take both home, they were so cute.

One time I drove a field trip of buttheads kids to the zoo. It was a bit of a dreary day, which is actually how I like it. But because of the weather the zoo was pretty empty. I love aquatic animals so I spent a good hour in that area. (I have a major obsession with ferrets and otters, btw. I was watching the river otters in the aquatics area.)

Anywho, a zookeeper was feeding the hippos. And he asked me if I'd like to pet them. There is a grandmother, mother and daughter. (What, do they eat the males after mating like black widows or something?) So I got to pet the grandmother and daughter. Mom was in the pool at the time.

It was so cool. Hippo skin is quite interesting. It was also a nice treat that many people don't get to experience.

I truly love animals with all my heart. They de-stress me at a glance. (Unless they're being naughty pains in the butt!) But I can look at a picture of some animal and it melts me. Being a zookeeper or vet would be an "ideal" path for me, but I am too sensitive to be able to do it. I'm still very heartbroken over the passing of my ferret, Mordecai, back in July. He's just the latest in a long string of animal deaths I've had to endure.

Well. Didn't mean to get all depressing. *sigh*

I don't even have any funny school stories to share at the moment.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Twitter Whore by Lisa Nova

(I think that's the person I should be crediting. The actress goes by that name. I don't know. What planet are we on again?)

Anyways. I find these videos completely hilarious. This chicka should be on SNL stat. Or something better. Warning: they are annoying because they are supposed to be annoying.

Part 1

Part 2

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Well, it's happened.

What? you say with bated breath.

I finally got a used college textbook with boogers in it. I'm so happy. I once had one with naked pictures drawn, man, bring that back.

Reminds of me of the time I was book shopping with a college friend. He just grabbed one off the shelf and I said "Hey, don't you want to check for boogers?" And he replies "Nah, it'll be a midnight snack."

Can't remember what karst topography specifically is but I can remember that conversation. Sometimes my brain really pisses me off. Useful, intelligent information is out, useless information is in for life.

I tried to find a picture of something and now I can't find it. I took a picture in school of something on my cell phone.
Someone rubbed the first two letters off the second word in: Computer Classroom.

Oh, the Quadratic Formula? You get to take a flying leap outta my brain to make room for Computer 'Assroom. Oh yes. Been nice knowing ya. Buh-bye.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Upmost importance

It is imperative that you know the following information.

I was sitting in my classroom at my university when I glanced over at the wall and saw this written there:


As you were.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Autumn is coming

I think the beginning of fall is one of my favorite times. I always feel better this time of year, knowing that cooler temperatures are on their way. I'm very much a cold-weather person.

I'm very tired too. Just going through some emotional stress. And it's taking a toll on my body a bit too. So yeah. Tired seems to be the word for the weekend.

Well, this is completely random but awhile ago I found a picture of a bug online. Not just any bug, but a weird bug that I tried to describe here.

Freaking weird: