Monday, June 30, 2008


Well gosh. Tomorrow is July 1. *baffled*

I did a group presentation today. I did ok, but not great. The next group has a loud mouth, long winded know-it-all (or he thinks he does) in it. Before he started talking he said "First I'll get to my points then I'll heckle the last group about what they said because I disagree with nearly everything they said."

I'm going "WTH?" The rest of the class was a little shocked too. So we did the mature thing and started writing notes on a paper about him. I said "Let's wait outside for him and kick him in the nuts." Another girl said "Yeah, we can take him, he's a skinny SOB."

It was just such a highly offensive way to say what he said.

He never did call us out for the rumble though. I think we scared him out of it by glaring at him. One girl made a sign saying "We Disagree" that we could hold up if he got too out of hand. (mostly as a joke, but really with her personality I'm sure she would've used it.)

Ugh. People.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Be cool to your school... ha.

I know I've complained about this before, but I'm abouts to do it again, yo.

I had to take out a loan to pay for my summer semester. My total is about $1800 with books and everything. (Not including the $50 parking pass I will probably buy.)

My university has a program with local colleges. For transfer students if you sign up you can either get a "scholarship" for $800 off your first tuition bill. I definitely signed up but they lost my information. It's my fault for not following up, but they still lost it. Gee, wonder why they didn't care to keep on top of the information?

Anyway, it's really hard to not think about this when my summer tuition bill should have only been $1000. I'm out that $800 "scholarship". It just plain sucks out loud.

I'm also having a minor problem with my next textbook. I bought it Monday, payment has already gone through on my credit card... it went through on Tuesday... and I just got an email an hour ago from the seller saying she won't ship it until she has confirmation. And she says my payment status is "pending". DAMMIT ALL.

I really hope the website gets its damn ass together by tomorrow. I need that book by July 5th. This is highly aggravating.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Well crap

You know that comment I talked about in my last post? The one I made in class but biffed up my talk?

Anywho, that comment was given credit to someone else in class today. NUTS. So apparently it was a pretty brilliant comment for the professor to reference it two days later. But someone else got the credit. HOW are they going to give participation points when things like this happen?
*frowny face*

(I suppose I could've/should've made sure the prof knew it was my comment, but there was no graceful way of doing it.)

Also one member of my group keeps falling asleep in class during the films. It's highly irritating. She's the only one too. Everyone else manages to... like... stay awake.

I have to track down my childhood vaccines. Ridiculous. And the county I live in just has to be a pain the ass about it. This will be no fun. No fun at all.

I'm going to end this short whiney post with one music link. This is one of a few I didn't post the other day of Gigi... it's a beautiful song. (check it out quick before they freaking take it down! That is highly annoying.)
Lo Sbaglio (it is by Gigi D'agostino.)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


What a great term. A Hitchcock term for some "invisible driving force" in humans and films but really have no major significance in and of themselves. (quick link) Watched my second Hitch film today... I think I like him the best, but probably because he sounds so similar to my creative styles. A highly planned perfectionist. For instance, in one of his films supposedly only less than 5 seconds had to be cut from the film. I don't know if I can watch any of his horror films... so far I've just seen suspense/thriller from him. Suspense/mystery/thrillers are my novel choices too.

(Ummm, I tried to make a comment in class and today was just not my day. I got my mix all talked up and looked silly. I hate it when that happens. I was also trying to say the word "Foreboding" and I just could not say it.)

I cannot see or stand horror and gore films. CANNOT. I have a highly vivid imagination. I once saw "Nightmare on Elm Street" and I couldn't sleep for a month. I couldn't even use the phone because Freddie's tongue came through one and I had the exact same phone. I developed a habit of sleeping with one had over my belly button and one up by my neck. The belly button reason I can't remember, but the neck one I can. Something about being in a jail cell and a sheet wrapping up around someone's neck while they slept.

UGH. I have to change the subject now. (But of course now all kinds of thoughts are racing through my head.)

Soooo la la la.... Oh, Ryan and I played mini-golf today. It was a perfect night for it. And luckily it wasn't too crowded, although there was a group of 7 teenager boneheads messing around ahead of us. Finally even they got tired of just messing around and decided to... you know... actually play and get it over with already.

I got 6 holes-in-one and, hee hee, 3 honorary ones. I say honorary because yes, I hit the ball too hard so it basically went in the cup but bounced back out. Still, I had 6 definite ones.
Tomorrow we golf for "real" with my dad.

Well, I could babble on about various things, but I shall not. I will end by saying how incredibly sad I am of George Carlin's death. I loved him. I saw him on stage once and I think he is very funny. One of my kinds of wit... very wry, dirty and smart.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bowling for pins

The mister and I had fun yesterday. We decided, kind of spur of the moment because we are mad-cap like that, (ha) to get out of this city. We drove to a small town about an hour away.

First we walked around a few antique shops. We saw a photographer taking pictures of a just-married couple. And this lady who was on a Harley with her old man offered to let them take pictures of them on the Harley. I want to see how those pictures turned out... but alas, I will never know. I'll just have to make them up in my mind.

Then we ate at a local restaurant. Sometimes that's a crap-shoot because honestly... I've eaten at some really bad local restaurants. And sometimes they have this attitude of "Why are you making me get you food and drink? You're disrupting my staring at the floor time."

Anywho, this place was not like that. The lady was friendly, so was the rest of the staff actually, and the food was really good. Not only that, but I ordered a grilled cheese and the cook accidentally made a grilled chicken sandwich as reported by our waitress. So Ryan asked if he could have that sandwich so it didn't go to waste and she gave it to him! And didn't charge! Sweet! We left her a good tip.

Ensuite we saw a bowling alley. It was really fun being in an old bowling alley, not some chain where they all look alike. I love charm and individuality in buildings, businesses and towns, something that is highly endangered in this corporate world. (Genarica. Generic America.) Anyway, we were the only ones in there. An old man came in for a drink of soda, but that was it.
The last time we went bowling was over two years ago in Denver. 2 games and shoe rental cost us $27. We played 4 games yesterday and it only cost us $18, shoe rental included.

I'm a little achey today though.

The drive home was beautiful, a very ugly bug landed on my windshield though. Not dead, I actually pulled over to let him get off. The weirdest bug I have seen yet. It looked like a praying mantis crossed with a grasshopper crossed with a wasp crossed with a cricket and it had this loooooong black whip tail looking thing. And it was very large. I should've taken a cell phone picture. Oh and it can fly. *shudders* I'm glad I was on the inside of the car.

I'm also happy I found the movie I need for my group presentation. We rented it at one of the big chains (yuck). I'm glad they let you rent movies without a membership now, but we got one anyways. One of the cheapest ones... because Ryan really loves movies. I do too, but he really enjoys them. BTW, the movie I'm doing for my group project is North by Northwest by Hitchy. (Hitchcock.)

Well, my mind is babbling off in many directions at once now so I'll end the insanity of this post now.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Gigi D'agostino

Ok. I'm feeling a little bored and I thought I would share something with y'all. I am a trance/electronica lover. (I'll just leave it at that for now. It's late.)

I discovered Gigi D'Agostino in 2002. Love him. He's a genius, underline 3 times. I have his album L'Amour Toujours and the whole thing is excellent. I used to repeatedly look for updates, but because he's Italian it's hard to find his stuff sometimes. (Damn you Europe, why do have to keep all the good stuff from us?)

However, thanks to You Tube, I'm now happily enjoying a quite few new-to-me songs. (though I've listened to them over and over now.)

Also, I need to point out, his stuff isn't heavy 120+ bpm "throbbing bass beat" all the time. Check out these songs, some are quite beautiful. (Gigi D'agostino is technically classified as "electronica". Not that hard, fast rave stuff.)

Please Don't Cry

Silence (the good video was taken down for some reason, so I have to post this slightly inferior link in its place.)

Un Giorno Credi
Cada Vez Que te veo
This video is hilarious... I love it. Super
Summer of Energy
Angles Symphony (gotta be honest, don't know if that's a misspelling or not.)

A few remakes from other songs:
You Spin Me Right Round
You Spin Me... with a better video
Bittersweet Symphony

Now here are a few of the songs from his album L'Amour Toujours.
The Riddle (a slight remix, but very close to the original.)

I'll Fly With You (almost exactly as is on the album. If you check no other song out, PLEASE check this one out. It is a gorgeous song. Not a heavy bass beat either. Almost like opera.)

Bla Bla Bla (exactly as is on the album.)
La Passion (almost exactly as is on the album.)
Another Way (a slight remix, but very close to the original.)

I love him so much. And he's gorgeous on top of it all. (Can't help myself *wink wink*) Clearly all you have to do is search for his name and you'll find tons of fantastic stuff to listen to from him. I could go on and on posting links for his music.

ETA: Oops. Had to fix a broken link. Hope the others stay working. Nuts.
Darn! Had to fix another one.
WOW. Just as I was checking things out, another video went down.
Hope most things are working now, and will work for some time. :-(

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I'm a guest "blooger"! Go here to see my brilliance shine. Hahahahaha ;-)

I have to go to school today to do my group project and it looks like it will finally thunderstorm around here. I love thunderstorms and now I may have to miss out on this one because I'll be in the lye-berry. Dammit.

Sadly this is all I have to say for myself at the moment. I have to go research the movie we're doing a project on, North by Northwest. Hitchcock. My first Hitchcock film that I will have seen in full. I need to rent more of Orson Welles movies... I think I might end up being a fan of his.

I never did tell about my first day of school. But here's the part that mattered the most and made it so bad for me that day. Teddy, our gerbil, showed his illness to us Sunday night. He was laboring to breathe. We gave him antibiotics, just in case it could be pneumonia but they didn't help.

Monday morning we woke up and he was still just as bad. I knew we had to make that awful decision to put him to sleep. But alas, I also had school. So I said my goodbye, my prayers and held him and kissed him. Ryan took him to a vet that is 1 mile away. I don't really like them, they overcharge, but he can't drive.

So. There I was, miserable and grieving on my first day of school. Not wanting to be there, not to mention I didn't sleep all night either because I was worried about my gerbil boy. And we watch this Jean Renoir film called The Rules of the Game. In this movie they have a big hunt. And they really do kill these animals on screen. So they're killing birds and rabbits, all the while I'm grieving for my own dear rodent pet.

And there you have basically the gist. The other sucky part was I missed the shuttle bus because the guy left early.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Meander over to the bus

What is with people? I suppose that is the question for all time, actually. But specifically, people at my university. The shuttle bus was just about to pull out. The driver was nice enough to stop and wait... and wait... and wait... as this girl just kinda wandered her pleasant little way through the parking lot over to the bus.

This is the second time that's happened. It's just annoying to see these people taking their sweet time getting to the bus that is more than ready to leave.

I'm halfway through my class now. Only 4 classes left. (2 weeks) Tomorrow I have to go to school to work on my group project. I wish I didn't have to. I'd rather just stay home.

I have to decide something. Should I pay $50 to park in the actual parking lot for my second summer class? This first one will end on July 2. Then my second class begins July... I don't know, but shortly thereafter. It will last for 3 weeks.

It goes 4 days a week and begins at 0815. If I were to take the shuttle bus still, I would have to arrive in that lot for a 0745 departure time. YUCK.

Sooooooo, I have to decide if the $50 is worth it. I think it might be. Maybe if the second class were only a 2 day per week affair, I could put up with it. But seeing as it's 4 days a week, for 3 weeks with an early start time... I think the $50 might be worth it.

Ugh. I hate thinking about giving the university even more of my money, but I think it's worth it. I'll keep thinking about it, but I'm 78.63% sure I'll buy a 3 week parking permit.

Here's one of my birdies doing a Fu Manchu impression:

Monday, June 16, 2008


Today is my birthday. We really celebrated yesterday because I would be in school for 7 hours today. I had a nice day. Both yesterday and today actually, though class was very long. The weather is cold, damp and cloudy and that's my favorite kind of weather. So even the weather gave me a little birthday gift!

Friday, June 13, 2008

oh em gee

This slays me right now.

more cat pictures

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Teddy Bear-Bear

I've been quiet about this... we had to put our last gerbil, Teddy, to sleep on Monday. I'll tell the story later, I just haven't been in the mood to really talk about it much. The story intertwines with my first day of my new university too. But anyways.

So I thought I would just update a little bit and include an adorable picture of my two boy gerbils. Teddy is the mostly black one and Storm is the white and black one. They had 3 sisters and 1 mommy. I hope they are all reunited and playing around with each other. I miss my gerbies so very much.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I got hit by a golf ball on the links today.

It was just a bad situation. There was a huge hill blocking my view of someone teeing off at the adjacent hole, hole 2. We were on hole 9. Anyways, all of the sudden this golf ball comes whizzing at me and grazed my left arm. Well, a little more than grazed, but it didn't slam straight into my left arm. "I was winged!"

The dude said "Didn't you hear me yell 'fore'?" I said "NO. The wind must've carried that away from us." And indeed, the wind was to our backs while this dude was down wind. Besides, the distance was actually a little too short anyway for much reaction time. He only hit about a 25-30 yard shot.

I saw him shaking his head as he headed back to his golf bag... and at first I was a little indignant. He's angry at us because we didn't/couldn't hear him yell "fore"? But I decided to give a benefit of doubt and think instead "He's just shaking his head because he can't believe he hit somebody."

I'm really glad it didn't hit me on the head or face. I looked up and did see it comingrightforus and I managed to duck just a little bit to the right, out of the line of fire.
Hmmmmmm... you know... come to think of it, hubby didn't put himself in front of the ball to take it for me. (lol)

My putting today was all about "awww, so close." As in maybe if I had hit it a little softer it probably would've rolled in as it went by the edge of the cup.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

First day of school

Yep. Tomorrow is the first day of school for me. *sob* I'm so sick of homework. But I'll live. Maybe.

My parents got me a great new bag for an early birthday present. It's black with hot pink and it's on wheels. I already have a navy blue roller bag, but this one can store a laptop! :-D Tee hee!! It's very cute. I think my mom said they had black with light blue... wonder why they didn't pick that one, I'm not necessarily a hot pink gal. If I'm forced to pick... lavender would be my favorite color, followed by green and then navy blue.

Well anyways. I look forward to using the bag, though I know I'm not "hip" when I do. I know kids these days like to have backpacks if anything. But I don't care. Much. I like my roller bags. I just hope I'll have places to put it when I'm in my new college's classrooms.

I also have to leave 20 minutes earlier than I should because I have to catch a shuttle to the school. LAME. So for a 10:50 am class... I have to leave at 10:00 to catch a 10:25 am shuttle.

Wish me luck! :-) I'm pretty nervous and frightened about my new day at a new college tomorrow.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I'm a Preppy!

First I'd like to add something to my earlier entry about doctors appointments being "lost". I just wanted to add, while this receptionist wasn't a total b**** about it... she never did say "I'm sorry." They never do. It's never, ever their fault. It's always the "stupid" patients fault for actually believing they have an appointment at that time. I just hate that attitude that receptionist's give when appointments are lost or screwed up... like we're the idiots and screw-ups.

Kinda like that episode of Seinfeld when he was at the dry cleaners and ultimately all he wanted for them to do was admit that they shrunk his shirt. He just wanted the admission that "Yes, we are responsible, we screwed up, we shrunk your shirt."


Anywell, the other still thing I wanted to blog about was a little giggle I had at Hobby Lobby today. Two girls were carousing in the sticker aisle and one of them said "Honor Roll? I sure wish I could be on the honor roll." The other said "Yeah, but that's only for preppies."

I had a little inward chuckle and smile about that, because I have been on the honor roll for my college career so far. I'm proud of that because I didn't do so well in high school. So anyways, it amused me. (I can be easily amused.) ((as if that weren't obvious.))


So this past Thursday we had to hit two doctor's appointments. One at 10:50 and one at 12:30. Worked out pretty well and they really weren't too far from each other. The first one went fine.

Then we went to the second one, the neurologist. And as I half expected, they "lost" our appointment. I sure wish I hadn't left the card on my night table with the receptionist's handwriting on there for the exact date and time. There is only one receptionist, she's there all the time and she is indeed the one who wrote the appointment on the card.

She went through this whole song and dance "Noooo, I don't see you on the appointments. Lemme see if you were on the list I had to call to cancel... Nooooo, I don't see you on that list either."

I hate that. What is up with that? Appointments just disappearing into thin air? Ok, so computers can have their glitches, but when you can't get another appointment for 2 months... it's quite annoying. Our next appointment is in August.

We were there when they lost another appointment time for another couple... Back in December we were in the small waiting room with these two people. Then we saw them again in March, only the receptionist had "lost" their appointment. The lady was highly aggravated, and rightly so. She was kicking up a huge fuss while her hubby was trying to calm her down.

So now it was our turn to just vanish into thin air. I guess we'll just have to call a week or two in advance and make sure we're still on the books. I dunno. I know things happen, I really do. It was just frustrating when the receptionist wrote down the appointment time and then when we show up she's completely baffled at why we were there.
And... we have to wait two more months now to see Ryan's neurologist.

Friday, June 6, 2008

We're not in Kansas

Well, oooookay. So I changed my layout again. ;-) It has been hard holding back since I found all those free layouts that look so nice. (although I hate that bar at the top, why that color darnit?)

Anywho... I did change because I decided I wanted a lighter design for now, what with summer coming up and all. I love the beach, actually I love all things water related. I might end up rotating through all their beach layouts they have throughout the summer. ;-)

As you were.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I, hate, commas, with, a, passion.

I'm always, always, sticking too many commas in my writing. Be it here or even in term papers. I don't know what it is about me. I need to go to Comma Reform School. Or Comma-holics Anonymous.

I also need to very quickly break my habit of staying up until 0300 and sleeping in until noon. I will have to do that today. School starts next week. *groan* In July I'll have to start waking up in time for an 0800 class.

I'm still a little annoyed with my fall schedule though. I have 3 classes that I'll be attending for sure. I'm waitlisted on 2 other classes. I need to choose one of those to drop and pick up another class that I can definitely get into. Confused? Well, see, I am officially signed up for 9 credit hours. I need to be signed up for at least 12 and that doesn't include waitlisted courses for my financial aid.

I cannot sign up for any more classes because with the waitlist credit hours I'm up to 16. And you can't go over 18. So I need to drop a waitlist class and get myself into a class that I can use and can attend for sure, no waiting.

So this was a really looong, dry way to tell you that I'm in a pickle and I don't know what to do. Not to mention, I did a search online for other classes I could possibly pick up and there isn't one that I'm interested in or can use. This is so frustrating.

It's also frustrating... did I tell you this? That we can only register online at certain times on certain days. My time was late afternoon about 1 week after registration opened. That's so unfair. That's why I'm waitlisted in two classes because they filled up before I even had a chance to register. >:-(

I just had a vegetarian panini and I added some cayenne and chili powder to it. Now I think I have a little bit of those spices in my eye somehow.


I would like to point out that my typing "blooger" is not technically a typo... I did that on purpose. That's what I call Blogger for fun.
I'm living it up, all giggity style, huh? Awl right.

So many choices

As you can see, I discovered a site where I can get free blooger layouts. This is very exciting. I loooove changing my layouts and now I have a million point sixty-four different choices. Watch out now.

I've been re-reading a few of my old posts, wow, there are a few typos in there. I probably shouldn't call them out, but I guess I just did. The perfectionist in me can be overwhelming and really, I have chilled out a little bit with my blogging perfectionism. I need to save it for the term papers. So y'all will have to forgive me, m'kay?

I got my degree in the mail today and... to say it was disappointing is an understatement. My honor society certificate is better quality and larger than this. It's pretty sad. It's very underwhelming. My Bachelors degree should be much better... I hope.

I really haven't accomplished much over this break. We haven't even done anything fun. But oh well. When I go back to school, we'll still have some time to do something fun.

Hmmmm. Well, I guess that's all I have to say for myself at the moment. Stellar.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Welcome juin

First day of June, huh? Boy oh boy. I can't believe how fast time goes.

So this month means a few things for me. First, my birthday is on the 16th. And I was born at 11:16 am, kinda cool huh? (of course, 0616 would've been really neat.)

But it means the start of school once again. *sigh* I'm kinda sick of homework, ya know? And I have two years staring me in the face. 6 more semesters. But I'll get through it. I start on the 9th. And I will have class on the 16th, of course, drat.

First time at my new college. This will be interesting. I'm a little skeerd.