Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I found out yesterday that I was accepted into the 4 year university to which I applied. Thank goodness my $50 fee didn't go to waste then.

But yay for that. I'm glad. I'm on this road that I've picked out for myself in 2006 and it's nice that things are moving along.

My husband has epilepsy and after being fired from many jobs, we finally had to apply for disability for him. We moved in with my parents while we waited for the social security system to approve him after being denied at first. The wait was 2.5 years. During which time I was a school bus driver. When summer break came about in 2006, we faced a decision. We were considering, now that he has disability, our options for moving out.

However, I got a wild hair up my butt and for some odd reason decided to continue torturing myself with college education.

After high school, I was so fed up with school and people I didn't want to even think about college. Plus I didn't know what I wanted to study. So I went to beauty school, where I also learned that I hate the people interaction that comes with it, and I especially hated coming home with peoples hair all over me.

So I went to the community college. Again, I had no idea what I was doing, I just randomly picked some classes. Then I decided to get into TV and Film Production. Which would only be an applied Associate's degree. Well, that was going pretty good... until my advisor messed me up big time. I sat down with him just before the fall semester and told him "I want to graduate next spring." This was in theory very do-able. After all, what is an Associate's degree... 2 years. By the time I wanted to graduate I would have been in college for 2 years.

He screwed me over, big time. He didn't put me in an editing class that is only offered in the fall, and I found this out in the spring. How stupid is that? So I was going to have to go to college for another year (Editing I - Fall. Editing II - Spring) which pissed me off to no end. I quit.

Life happened in between there... and in 2006 I decided to give it another try. It's a personal thing now, I really want a college degree. But also, since I have to make the money in this marriage right now, I need a good job as well. (yeah yeah, enter many varying opinions about just how necessary or unnecessary a college degree is anymore.)

I went back again not knowing what I wanted to do. I started off in psychology just because I had no idea of anything else. I switched to mathematics, but then when talking to my astronomy professor, I think he got me pointed in a nice direction. He told me about geography and how it's a vast science field with many options to get into.

There we go. That's what I'm doing. I think, if nothing else, that geography will be a degree I can at least tolerate studying.
I am back in the community college simply because the tuition is cheaper. But now I'm going to graduate (finally) with an Associate's Degree this May. And then I have to move on to a 4 year university as a junior.

Sidenote: It is ridiculous how hard it is to actually get out of college in 2 or 4 years. It always seems to take at least one extra year. I know part of that is because of some terrible advisors who have their heads up their butts. *eyeroll*

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Memory time

A little over a year ago I was in geology class. I've taken both physical and historical geology.

I was running a little late to class due to a computer glitch from my previous computer class. So I walk in about 4 minutes late, people are already there and my instructor is talking at the front of the room. The door to this room happens to line up with the front of the room.

So my professor is already talking about whatever subject and he looks at me at the same time just as people tend to do when the door opens. The sentence he was uttering at that very moment was "Now for idiot number two..."
I kid you not.

I said "I'm idiot number two?"

Turns out he was talking about something humorous, I can't quite remember now, perhaps it might have to do with the Darwin awards. He loves humor and I know he was reading something humorous to the class when I entered.

The timing was priceless!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Confession time

You ready? Here we go. I am actually a cosmetologist. Well, ok... I went to beauty school a little over 10 years ago. I did become licensed and worked in the field. But I hated it. And the school was a rip off. All I learned how to do well is old ladies perms and styles.

The Real Confession: I messed up my hair last week. I put in a semi-permanent dye... a reddish color. It grabbed onto the front of my hair like a drowning man. And I hate it. I bounce from my natural blonde hair to red blonde... but I am in no mood to be a redhead right now.

Ever since then I've been trying and trying to correct this problem and my hair has only gotten redder, and brassier, in the process. I do have an idea of what I'm doing, and possibly doing wrong... but still. My hair is ridiculous! I've been wearing a baseball cap for one whole week now.

And I just feel so frustrated with the color of my hair. It's just awful. I'm going to make a stop at a professional beauty supply store after school. My last class lets out at 7:15 pm. I cannot wait. I'm so antsy. I don't mean to be so vain, but ... well ... hair is a self esteem issue.

My plan of attack is to get some demi-permanent hair color. I need a green toner and violet toner. Let's hope this works. My hair is just a mess. Better pick up some reconstructive conditioner while I'm at it. I'm sorry... but *sob*. I just want to look decent and normal again.

And while I'm at it, I'm going to confess another shallow thing. I'm also looking for a good facial tool. You know, those kinds that sort of do microdermabrasion? But I have sensitive skin so I have to find a really good gentle one, however one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

I must sound so shallow. But this is a self esteem issue as well. I do want to look the best I can. I have thinning hair thanks to hormonal imbalance, and I have a lot of weight I need to lose.
By the way, Ryan looks so young, he could easily pass for 16-18 yet he'll be 28 next month, AND because of our relationship demeanor (I'll explain in a minute), I have been mistaken for his mother 6 times. No lie. I'm only 2.78 years older! This has been a little hard to swallow when I already suffer from such a low self esteem.

The relationship demeanor is because I'm his caretaker. Because of his epilepsy and TBI, occasionally I have to be the "translator" for him. I'm not a super, overbearing, take-charge kind of person, but I have that "caretaker" vibe where I will speak out for and protect my loved ones. Mama Bear Syndrome.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


You know, February is turning out to be one of my favorite months. Some of the reasons are because I've had some good experiences in February.

I could have gotten married on February 29, 4 years ago. But I chose to elope on March 6 because my first marriage was on a 29 date so I didn't want to repeat it. (silly, but that's me!)

My husband's birthday is February 13. I don't mean to sound so sickly sappy, but really, I rejoice in that day that my hubby was brought into this world. (most of the time. LOL) Then there's V-day which I'm not super hot about, but yet I still love my husband enough that it makes me happy to think about our relationship.

After those two holidays are over, then I get to look forward to two special anniversaries. The day I met my husband on March 2, and then our marriage date of March 6.
Then later in March spring break will be upon me, where I'm sure I'll have tons of homework anyway, so what's the point? Nonetheless, my hubby and I had our honeymoon during spring break time because at the time I was a school bus driver.

Wow. If you knew me in real life you would know I'm not really so darn sappy about love like this! But it's just that I treasure my relationship after being in an emotionally abusive marriage. Ryan is the exact opposite of my a-hole ex husband. And I'm so grateful to know him and have him in my life.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Nothing to see here

Well, yeah. Sadly, I don't have a lot to say right now. Just plodding through this thing called life.

We had a sick gerbil... just took him back to the vet to get a skin tumor taken off today. So far he's doing fine, the poor sweet thing. He keeps running in his wheel. I want him to eat, drink and get some sleep now. He had a big day.

I almost ran into an old friend. Almost? Yes. I managed to back out of the aisle at the store before she saw me. It's raised a lot of questions as to why I did this... So I'm introspecting a lot about it right now.

I will drop the ballroom dancing class. Now I only have school 3 days a week, yay! That will be helpful since I'm going to have a heavy homework load. Ugh, history!

Well, I'd better get myself upstairs to watch my gerbil boy. I feel so sad, he and his brother can't get together right now. They are best friends.

Friday, January 18, 2008

It'sa lotta work

Sheesh. I have so many balls up in the air that I'm juggling for college.

I'm trying to figure out if my 4 year university received my official transcripts along with my application and that *choke* fee. And my current college has the status of my transcript listed as "pending. check back later." Thanks, buttmunches. I only requested it about 2 weeks ago, and it was promised to be out in 3 days. Idiots.

So I have to deal with that. The transcripts, the fees, the applications, all ending up in the right place at the right time. Plus I have to put in my application for graduation, which I will do next week.

OH AND!!! I have a final just two days before I graduate. That sucks! The whole week leading up to my graduation is crammed full of tests. Cracker Jacks!

One small piece of good news: I can have my ballroom dancing credit waived. My advisor can put in the paperwork for me to have my "fine arts" credit waived. And I think I'll take it. Hey, it's not often when a college will allow you to squirm out of something because that means they won't get any money.

I kinda enjoyed the ballroom dancing, but just barely. Too many girls in the class, we had to learn the male and female parts, which means we don't really master either part very well... the teacher was hell bent on us switching partners all the time, and the class was too full anyways. Ergo, I'll drop it. Ryan and I will try something like this some other day.

I have a small desk here for my computer. I just switched my mouse from right handed to left handed, to help avoid carpal tunnel problems and other assorted problems. But now I can't get the keyboard in a place to my liking. Grrrrr. Well, in time it should get into a place that I like.
For example... to customize my place for me, so that it's ergonomically correct, I have 3 mousepads under my mouse to help bring my wrist into proper alignment. So that's the kind of stuff I'm noodling around with right now.

Like a cat, I need to fuss with it and turn around umpteen times before I'm happy with my placement.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dazzle and shazzle

This will be the best post you've ever read.* It will not bore you to tears.* It will not make you nod off at the keyboard.* It will not... hey, where are you going?

*Lies, all lies.

So. Ballroom dancing was kinda fun. Kinda. Then today I had my first looooooong day at school. It was that, and then some. But I'll survive. ONE good thing about my odd schedule is that it's nice to know I don't have classes the next day. Nothing worse than getting piled up with homework for one day's classes, only to know the next day you'll get more for those classes.

But it was "eh" overall. I started off to school a little late, yet somehow made it on time. Still nerve wracking. I hate being late, especially on the first days/weeks. But then... I was at the school, waiting for my next class... I walk in 5 minutes early and nearly everybody is already there! They all gave me this look like "You're late." And the teacher had already started talking a bit. That sucked. Annoying!

Well, that's really just about all I have to say for myself right now. No big wonderful tales of my mind expanding days at school. Although during history I was thinking "Please let a meteor strike me." *groan* History. Yuck.

Oh wait! I'll leave you with this. Turns out they are trying to charge Ryan non-resident tuition. He's been a CO resident all his life. Despite being born 13 miles from the KS border and me teasing him about being a Kansas Boy. Anyways, we dropped off the appropriate forms (which is another story in itself that I'll spare you) and the lady says "The financial aid officer will let you know of his decision through the mail."

Let us know his decision? He doesn't get to decide if Ryan's a CO resident or not... Ryan is a CO resident! Case closed! For the sake of a cow!

PS. Ok, one more thing. The French book did show up today, so yay for that! Boo to the fact that it's not in very good condition (but I'll live) and boo that it was mailed 2 days later than they said they would mail it (they sat on the order for 5 days)... but it's here finally and I'm glad about that. Oh wait, one more thing, it's the teacher's edition! They never said so in their listing.
Still... I am just happy it's here and I didn't get majorly ripped off or anything.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

And now for something completely mundane

I just want to say... starting school tomorrow! Sort of. Tomorrow the hubs and I will be doing our ballroom dancing class. I'm excited for the dance class, though a little annoyed that my 3 day school week had to turn into 4 thanks to this class. But it's ok. I'm telling myself that it's "just a dance class" not actual college. And the fact that the hubs will be there makes it so much better!

Tuesdays and Thursdays will be my long days. Class starts at 1000 and my last one gets out at 1915. (7:15 pm) At the "crappy" campus. But I'll survive. Too bad I get to park 100 miles away because this campus fills up just for the first 2 weeks, then people start dropping out. Arg. It's going to be a long, cold, winter walk in the dark to my car when I'm through with classes.

Anyways. My brain is just kinda "phlea" (phonetic) right now.

My French book hasn't arrived yet, and the seller hasn't emailed me back either. Sucks. I hope it shows up tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

It has arrived

Took long enough! I ordered this mouth guard thing for bruxism (night grinding of the teeth) 2 days after Xmas last year. I've watched it sit in Utah for a week, and then they finally shipped it to my city, then they shipped it up to Denver, and back down to my city to finally be delivered to me.

Oooookay. But at least I finally got it. On the last day they promised too, they promised it would be here between January 2-9. Good golly.

That's a funny word - delivered. Sounds like taking the liver out of something. Ugh. Gross.

Please accept me for who I am

Well, I filled out my university application last night and mailed it today. Along with a $50 bribe fee. *sigh* So stupid and annoying.

Took me awhile to fill it out too, the questions were worded strangely and then they only gave me 1 mm of space to write the answer in.

Anyways. It's out there, and let's just hope that it makes it to the right place. I have little faith in this college because they "lost" my transfer scholarship. Ugh.
Wonder how long I'll have to wait to find out? Hmmm.

Monday, January 7, 2008

No means no.

If all goes according to plan and goes well.... *knock on wood* I just ordered my textbooks from private sellers... and this will grant me a savings of $275.

My bill from the college was $510. (and I had only bought one book new because there were no used ones.) Now with these savings from private deals, my new book bill will be about $235.

I swear. I friggin' hate my college. The mark-up is just un-effing-real.

Drove home during rush evening when a nice snowstorm just moved in for the occasion. Goodness. I'm quite lucky to have not gotten hit by any of the morons out there. There were a ton of accidents. And major congestion. I really look forward to moving to a small town. I've had it with this big city mess.

Oh, and I accomplished stuff for changing to the 4 year university. I had to have my high school transcript mailed to the new college, and I hope the ladies get the address right. They said they would, but as I left they didn't sound so sure. :-( Tonight I'll fill out the full application, write my lovely check for the damn application fee, which was just smoking from writing the fee for my high school transcript... aaaaannndddd... that's about it.

That's enough boring details for now. Kirk out.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

blah blah blah

It's my last week of freedom before I go back to school on the 14th. I have some crapola to accomplish this week. It'll be a bit busy around here.

I've been trying to work on my sleeping schedule. Apparently my natural body clock wants to stay up until 0400 and then sleep until about 1300. I always revert to this naturally once I'm on a break. Dang night owl-ness.

I had a 3rd shift job once. But it sucked because I had to stay awake until at least 0800... and we were living in a four-plex with daytime people. Who weren't quiet people to begin with. Also, it was summer time and I was trying to sleep during the hottest months of the day.

I just don't know what it is. I love the night. I'm like a bat or a vampire. Sun goes down and I wake up.

I kinda wish I didn't have to take French this semester... then my school days wouldn't start until 1300. However, I need to cram French in while the tuition is cheaper, even though I had to buy two books for the class. (hopefully I will get them used. I'm still sick about how high that bookstore bill is for my overpriced textbooks.) ANYWAYS... French starts at 1000 so that isn't bad. It's geography on Saturday that starts at 0900 that might hurt a little bit.

Friday, January 4, 2008


Guess what? I get to spend a minimum of $475 on my college textbooks this semester! I'm really excited, I think it's wonderful that I get to spend money I don't have on expensive books. I can't tell you all the hours I have spent worrying about spending less than $300 or something like that.

I'd like to thank all the little people who have made this possible. And I'm really glad that my high bookstore prices will fund other people's childcare... especially since I don't have any children at the moment to partake in the childcare center. I'm more than willing to throw a bunch of money to all you parents! I don't need it for anything really. Your children are far more important to me. College really is about childcare, not higher education.

I could continue to thank people, but I think they'll know how much I appreciate them when I reach deep into my pockets and pay up.

I'd better go get ready for my night ahead of hooking sleeping.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

heart attack just waiting to happen

I just have to say something to get it off my chest right now.
I hate high strung people. Ok, actually... I hate it when people become high strung.

I have a family member who is constantly like that. High strung, anxious, wigging out all the damn time over nothing. I love this family member very much, but they are just a ticking time bomb I believe with a heart attack or a stroke.

If only I could lace their coffee with lithium or valium or something. Sheesh. It can be quite annoying to have to live with someone who's constantly going off the deep end, especially when they do know better but don't quit. (like a project bothering you? Walk away for a little while.)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Whoa... what?

What is this, random generated? LOL Well, heck, for a giggle and to start off my New Year feeling brilliant, I thought I would post this.

cash advance

Cash Advance Loans

How wild.

I had a good New Year's. My dad's band was rocking out for some rich yuppies... the atmosphere was really kinda neat. As in the decor. And the drunk yuppies. Baby Boomer Yuppies. :-)
So I had a beer, a complimentary champagne and rang in the new year. Which I think will be a good one. Oh and me and the hubby cut a rug. Or else we just pointed with our fingers a lot on the downbeat. Ha ha.


One of the weirdest things for me is for it to suddenly be January once again. We have to start all over. (but not really of course. Just feels that way sometimes.)

ETA: Because this blog has very little entries so far, I thought I would check my old one as well.
cash advance

Cash Advance Loans

;-) Good times.