Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Otter-full ramblings

It's barely a secret... I love ferrets and otters. Very, very much. (and any other remotely related critters to them, including raccoons and skunks.) Anyways. I love all animals, but ferrets and otters are just my all time favorite.

Webkinz is finally coming out with an otter! And btw, here (http://cuteotters.com/) is one of my favorite sites. Check out the adorable otters earlier on the page holding up plastic pumpkins. Isn't that just precious?!?

I finally looked at what was available for me for my next semester. Things will be a bit better I think. Right now I'm stuck in "humanities hell" for my classes. Next semester I'll be taking all science classes. Practical meteorology, cartography and landforms/soils. I'm pretty excited. The only downfall is the cartography class is Thursday night and the meteorology class is early Friday morning. Ugh. But that's okay, I can deal. Especially since I would only be going to school 3 days a week. Each class is 4 credit hours and they meet only one day a week.

I'm going to have to take a test to prove I know math. Ridiculous. I've done Calc I and yet they still don't think I have the "right" math. I could take this one geography class with statistics and it would wipe out three things, three requirements for me... but well, that class meets on Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00 am. No thank-ya. Love math, but ugh.

Besides, why not spend $55 and take a test and just get the requirement out of my hair? Then I wouldn't be stuck doing a class I don't look forward to, the statistics one, and can take the cartography class.

But once again, you're going to hear me whine about math. I sure do miss it. I really think that when I'm older I'm going to take a class here and there and earn some kind of degree in it. Or else teach myself on the side like a hobby. I cannot understand this hold it has on me, but it does.
I wish I could minor in it, but that would be too much extra work right now. With everything going on in my personal life (and it's a doozy) I need as little stress as possible.


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breathe and then breathe again.