Thursday, December 4, 2008


We have some snow on the ground here and I always feel for the squirrelies. We have a special wooden box secured to the house for the flickers. (I always call them Flicker-dee-dees.)

Well, the squirrels and flickers always fight for the box. Actually we do have two of them, I'm not sure who is in the second box. But the squirrels have won a box for now. They are able to climb the stucco on the house.

I walked to the ground under the box (which is up about 10 feet on the house) and I called to the squirrels. "Come on out, I got peanuts for you!"

I dumped them under a small bush, I like to do that so the squirrels have a little protection from predators, and sure enough I looked up and saw a squirrely nose peeking out of the box. So cute! I hope he climbed down and got a few peanuts before the sun went down. 

I've been swamped under personal stuff and FINALS. Uggghhhhh! I have been putting off a 10 page paper to write that's due next week. Then I have another paper to write next weekend. My last day is December 16, with a final that is an essay. I'm not looking forward to that one, this prof has had us read about 1500 pages and he says "I will ask about 25 questions from all our readings. As long as you did the readings, you'll be fine."

Oh sure! 1500 pages of readings! Piece of cheesecake.