Monday, January 12, 2009


So I had logging in problems for a long time and I just felt kinda "eh" about posting. We had to put one of our birds, a cockatiel, to sleep because he had a tumor in his abdomen.

Anyways. So it's a new year though it's already been crap for me in just the short 2 weeks thus far...

Here's something. One year ago I bought textbooks online and it took forever for them to get here. I ordered them with about 10 days to go before I needed them and that is cutting it close but I was hoping it wouldn't be cutting it too close.

But it did. I didn't have my French book on the first day of class.

So this year I ordered them with about 12 days to go before I need them. (Classes begin on January 20, Phooey.) Guess what? I ordered them last Thursday night... got notices in my email that all of them shipped on Friday morning and *boom* - They all came today.

That literally took less than 4 days and one of them was a Sunday. And one, Saturday, isn't even a traditional business day.

They were all ordered by different places online too.

Well at least I have them, but I'm still shaking my head over Murphey's Law. Raising blood pressure since day one.