Tuesday, September 16, 2008

No more!!!!!!!!!

Ugh. Stupid school. So much reading to do. Hate it. Can't speak in complete sentences.

So I'll say what I did for fun on Sunday. We have a membership to our local zoo and I was able to pet a tarantula and a wallaby. I wanted to take both home, they were so cute.

One time I drove a field trip of buttheads kids to the zoo. It was a bit of a dreary day, which is actually how I like it. But because of the weather the zoo was pretty empty. I love aquatic animals so I spent a good hour in that area. (I have a major obsession with ferrets and otters, btw. I was watching the river otters in the aquatics area.)

Anywho, a zookeeper was feeding the hippos. And he asked me if I'd like to pet them. There is a grandmother, mother and daughter. (What, do they eat the males after mating like black widows or something?) So I got to pet the grandmother and daughter. Mom was in the pool at the time.

It was so cool. Hippo skin is quite interesting. It was also a nice treat that many people don't get to experience.

I truly love animals with all my heart. They de-stress me at a glance. (Unless they're being naughty pains in the butt!) But I can look at a picture of some animal and it melts me. Being a zookeeper or vet would be an "ideal" path for me, but I am too sensitive to be able to do it. I'm still very heartbroken over the passing of my ferret, Mordecai, back in July. He's just the latest in a long string of animal deaths I've had to endure.

Well. Didn't mean to get all depressing. *sigh*

I don't even have any funny school stories to share at the moment.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

hang in there im sure something hilarious at school will happen.