Monday, September 29, 2008

What hill?

Random stories pop into my head from my bus driving days... one of them is really minor and puerile but I can't help share it anyway.

I was designated as a field trip driver which I really loved doing. I got to travel and see places for free. Typically I would just drive people some place and then read for hours by myself or something. The only reason I bailed was to make a better life for myself and the field trips were really slowing down. I didn't want to go back to a regular route.

Anywho! I was living off directions constantly and one time I had to drive to Denver and find Jack Ass Hill. That just made me laugh even though I know it's really just an animal.

Man. Nothing but SOSDD around here. Though this is a slightly lighter homework week. But the week of 10/12 or whatever is going to majorly SUCK. I have two tests that week and I think a big project is due too. *scream*

But at least things are a bit lighter for now. Instead of 300 or 400+ pages I have to read it's only 24 pages and an article, though the article is a bit long.

My hubby and I are going to join the college gym too. They allow family! Woo hoo! But no 'woo hoo' because classmates may see me in my bathing suit. Eh.

Well, that's your entertainment from my end of the world. I'm a little braindead today so nothing is really coming to me. I was invited to and just joined the National Society of Leadership and Success. I'm a little nervous. I'm trying to push myself outside of my box, because I'm an introvert. So this will be a bit uncomfortable. Oh well. I think it'll be beneficial.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

we tease my sister because she lives on 69 pumpkin head. who comes up with these streets.

Shannon River said...

That street totally needs to intersect Jack Ass Hill. That's hilarious!