Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Post of Rage

Don't you hate it when a bunch of events line up to embarrass and/or annoy you? Well, that happened to me today.

I took my husband's cell phone with me to school. Long story. Anyways, I could not figure out how to get it to "silent mode". (and I'm pretty savvy with that stuff.) So, I turned it off for most of the day.

Now please also note I do not get many cell calls. At all. Only from family, as I have no friends really. My phone could be silent for days or weeks. Ryan doesn't get a lot of calls either, though more than I do.

In the last few weeks to months even my husband hasn't called me all that much. Usually I have my own phone and I have a nice "vibrate" feature that is easy to access for cryin' out loud. Therefore even if I'm in class it's okay to get a phone call. But still, he hasn't called me as much as he used to.

Until today.

Today he had to call me repeatedly to tell me he misses me and can't wait for me to come home.

Let me back up though. I was in the library waiting out the Shuttle Bus Crush; the shuttle buses are so damn crowded at certain times that you just need to wait. So now I have to wait 30 minutes after my last class before I can get a guaranteed seat. (I have another rageful tale. Ok, we interrupt this Rage to bring you Old Rage. A couple of weeks ago the bus was full. The driver was asking people "Any seats left?" The answer came "One." Well, this guy who wasn't even waiting at the stop just breezed his way past me and boarded the bus. He was utterly oblivious to anyone but himself. I was so pissed off. I was standing right at the doors, but to the side waiting to see if there were any seats left. I know I should have said something but it just didn't work out so that I could. And the capper? This guy was only going to get his lunch out of his car. Because on the next bus down to the parking lot, he was getting back on to go back to school with his lunch. OH I was pissed off.)

Ergo what I do now is just wait in the library for 30 minutes for that mad rush to calm down. It's okay, I always have plenty of effing ready material to get accomplished. I am SO BOGGED DOWN WITH READING it is not funny. Like every class wants me to read a novel for the next week. That's 4 novels a week. I'm really hitting my limit here. (This is just Rage icing on this Rage cake.)

Back to my original story. I'm in the library. I turn on the cell phone to check the time, it's time to leave so I'm walking out of the library. Not 30 second later, the phone starts to ring. LOUDLY. I happened to also turn up the volume so that when I give it back to Hubs, he can hear the phone for when I call. So that's my contribution to this whole mess. One part of it anyway.

I scurry to silence the phone, but Hubs leaves a message. Now I get a loud voice mail message tone indicator. Then he called me back!!!! I silence the phone again and then go to turn it off again. Naturally the phone has to announce to people in New Zealand that I have pushed the power off button... there's a very loud "shut-down-power-off-Dave-don't-kill-me" song and dance the cell phone must perform.

F***!!!!! My contribution to this was turning the volume up and not turning the phone back off after I checked the time. Hubs contribution is, after months of not calling me... he decides he really misses me and calls me repeatedly to see where I was. (He knew I was out of class, but couldn't know about the library.)

So I call him back after I'm finally out of the library and rip him a new one. I'm not really mad at him though. I'm pissed off at the entire situation.

The ONE time I turn on the phone for the whole day, he calls. The ONE day, after months of not really calling me, he calls me repeatedly. I'm trying to leave the library and in those few minutes that it will take me to walk to the exit I need... EVERYTHING HAS TO CONSPIRE AT ONCE.

And HAL? Oh I'll get to him later with a screwdriver. Stupid cell phone.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

i hate cell phones, i gave mine up for that reason. no one calls and then when they did i didn't have the damn thing on or with me.