Friday, February 1, 2008

Février heureux

Hmmm, I just took some prenatal vitamins along with an extra dose of biotin (because it didn't have any biotin in the first place, oddly enough) and I'm feeling pretty good right now. I know B-vitamins are good for regulating stress and mood sometimes. Sweet. :-) Let's keep on feeling goood.

(oh and I'm not pregnant nor do I plan to be. I'm taking these vitamins for my hair health and my PCOS doesn't hate it either.)

School... school... school. Do I have anything to say about school? Not really. Except that I am really getting good and sick of homework. And I still have at least 2 more years to go. *sigh*

I have lots to do regarding school. Big to-do list. Gotta do taxes so I can fill out FAFSA. Gotta try and make some appointments with various advisors at new school so I can figure out which end is up. Hopefully the good end.

I am sorry for this being so boring, but it is what it is right now.
French is driving me up the wall. History is a bit better because I think I've finally got a grasp for how my prof teaches, thinks and lectures. My French teacher is wonderful though, she's so cool.
Then geography... I'm kinda annoyed because I want to be more into landforms and GIS things, but my 4 year university is making it mandatory for me to take this human geography and world regional geography. I don't mind it really, but it feels like I'm learning about plumbing when I want to be an auto mechanic.


Scott said...

What school are you going to (or do you not want to disclose that)? Yeah, school can kind of be a mixed blessing. You have PCOS? I'm sorry.

Shannon River said...

Well, I'll be going to UCCS. I actually wanted to maybe go to another school, say, UNC in Greeley, Adam's State in Alamosa, or CSU in Pueblo or Fort Collins...

But here's the deal. Adam's State had the cheapest tuition but nothing I was interested in studying. CSU didn't have any programs I wanted to study. UNC has a good geography program but interestingly enough, their tuition was higher than UCCS.
(CU in Boulder is WAY too expensive of course, and ... well, UCCS is technically CU in CS, though they call it UC. SILLY!)

OK, after all that babbling, there you go.

PCOS really, really sucks major butt and I'm really fighting my body right now. :-(