Friday, February 8, 2008

Mushrooms go down in history

I don't know if I can paint this picture correctly.

Ok. My history teacher is a wisp of a man, about 60 years old and feisty as hell. But he's not necessarily frail either, he cross country skis and hikes, etc. He is just a character.

In the classroom there are sliding white boards, and so he slides one out from under the map he has posted over half the board. Lurking underneath the map a fine mushroom illustration. My teacher finishes up his sentence, but you can see the wheels turning in his head as he grazes upon this fungus drawing.

The young juvenile delinquent dude fine upstanding young man is giggling away behind me, I know what he's thinking about.

My history teacher rolls with it and starts talking about how when women were abused centuries ago by their husbands they would then serve the delightful fellow some mushroom soup. I think it should be called "Husband Be Gone" soup.

Tee hee!


Scott said...

Great anecdote! That profesor sounds excentric. Reminds me of a high-strung communiations professor I had for 3 classes. He was wacky, but he always liked my writings so he gave me good grades.

Scott said...

P.S. What a good way to go for those #$%hole men--tripping! Anyway, I just saw that you are from Colorado. Is that Denver? If it is, you will probably know the place I go eat at today before my doctor appointment!

Shannon River said...

He is a pretty cool guy. I don't love history and his thought trains can be hard to follow, but he does make it mostly interesting.

Ugh. I have some essay exams coming up. After having mostly math tests, this is weird to have to write essays again.

What restaurant did you guys eat at? I am up in Denver very often. I like it up there.