Friday, February 8, 2008

Shmoo Story Time

I have another amusing story I'll try to paint for y'all. That's right, y'all. Deal.

Anyways, I used to be a school bus driver. I had this really awesome job where I did almost nothing but field trips. I loved the traveling. I went to Denver a million times, I got a bus stuck in the mud in Alamosa and I took a lovely overnight trip to Glenwood Springs. (but that trip had some unfortunate issues.)

Well, the thing I want to talk about right now is one trip up to Denver. I drove some middle school kids to the state capitol building where they were to stay all day. I was allowed to bring my husband with me on these trips, so he came that day. We hung out on the 16th Street Mall and walked around. It was so fun and I was paid to do this!

Ok. I just spent 30 minutes searching for these photos on some discs I burned last year. This post totally needs pictures. But that 30 minutes wasn't much fun.

Anywho... here we go.
This is Shmoo. This is my husband Ryan lugging the Shmoo down 16th Street Mall.

We bought Shmoo in some odd shop on the 16th Street Mall. He's carved out of wood and he's pretty darn heavy. Ryan talked the lady into giving us a discount for him. I love anything ferret and otter related. And other creatures of course in the mustilidae family.

Here is Shmoo posing in front of the Colorado State Capitol in Denver. (the buses get to park in front of this place for free.) Not to mention that is where the field trip people are.

Here is Shmoo on the bus getting ready for his big ride home. The people on this field trip got the biggest kick out of Shmoo. They even took pictures of him on their cell phones.

And this is just the odd fun we like having with Shmoo. We like to dress him up. He happens to have a "Happy Mother's Day" balloon around his neck... I don't know exactly why. The Shmoo attracts odd things.


Scott said...

That is cool, though the Shmoo thing is weird! I love the 16th street mall! I don't know if you saw my Star Trek convention pictures, but I was at the 16th street mall and I took lots of pitures.

After you look at the pictures, I wonder if you got Shmoo at that funky shop that has the Buddha idol thing? I just went in there to see if they had any swords and the store was so chaotic that I took a picture.

Oh, yesterday, we ate at P.F. Changs in Flations, which is in Broomfield, I think. Changs is pretty common--I've eaten there several times, though it is a bit expensive. So no place exotic that I was hoping to eat at . . . :-(

crazyrn2be said...

I love it! I used to run a ferret rescue, now I only have 27 furkids left.

Shannon River said...

Scott - Nooo, I don't think I got Shmoo from that shop, but I've more than likely been in that shop. The Shmoo store had a lot of rustic decor in it.

Thanks for pointing me to the pictures. :-) I enjoyed looking at them.

Shannon River said...

crazyrn2be - Welcome! :-)

I love, love, love ferrets. I've had ferrets for 10 years now, and I always wanted them when I was a child.
I have a friend who runs a ferret shelter. :-)

I only have 3 babies at the moment. I hope to be able to adopt some more soon. Ferret Love!
Yay for 27 carpet sharks. :-)