Thursday, February 28, 2008

no linkie for you

Well, nuts. Google just changed some links around and they took out a direct link from your Gmail to Blooger. That super sucks. Or how about thuper thuckths? Good grief, me and another student got silly in French today saying "What would a French person with a lisp sound like?"

Speaking of the sillies... here we go.

My French teacher talked about how cheese is serious bidnez in France and how when she was over there they would go "You have to learn how to cut the cheese."

My history teacher... I can't even fully explain how this happened, but it did and he erased it before I could get a cell phone pic of it. He wrote Treaty of Paris on the board but it totally came out looking like Treaty of Penis. Probably why he erased it fairly quickly.

I am really enjoying that guy now, especially since I understand a little better how his lectures and storytelling go. Today he got a little deep into what he calls "Sex and sin scandals". He keeps saying these wry wit humor jokes that get me. I can't even remember all of them and I sure wish I could. But one of them was he handed a girl her graded paper and says "18. That's a good score. *pause* Out of 500." I don't know. I sure wish I could remember some of the other things that he says. This guy is indeed a gem.

He is a great teacher because I really hate history and don't care to study it, but now he has me wanting to explore more and more about most everything he talks about.

I'm still working through life here. It's just been a few really difficult things I don't want to talk about right now. But the outcome looks pretty good right now.

While I'm editing to fix a typo, I'd also like to say I wish I could write down some flashes of memories before they vanish. I seem to have a memory pop into my head and then before I can really write anything, I get distracted and it goes away. Oh well, not a big deal.


Scott said...

Awww! :-( I'm sorry you are going through difficult things.

I hope you can talk to your husband. Or don't hesitate to email me--I care! (Even though I might be crappy at reading your blog regularly.) And I forget... are you a Christian? God helps!

Thanks for your comments today!