Tuesday, August 12, 2008

1+1= ?

Ok. That's it. This is just a short little entry to shut my head up.

I miss being a math major. What is up with that? Why can I not stop thinking and obsessing about this? So fine. I needs a plan. Or two. First I will go to an advisor and see about adding math as a minor. However. I don't think that will be do-able at all since I've already lost two semesters without any math classes. And I only have 5 semesters left.

So plan B... which kinda sucks... is to get my Associate's of Science in math. Maybe. Or just take classes here and there and work towards another bachelor's.
In math... you usually end up teaching yourself the stuff anyways. My mom bought me a trig and calculus book from a garage sale. I need to review those and even re-teach myself some stuff because my last math teacher really bit the big one. But the thing is... they do have these tests where I could test out of classes without having to take them. CLEP or something like that. I could do that for a few classes anyways, so maybe getting another degree wouldn't take too long?

But... that could be just as valuable to me as a degree... just to have those skills which I will re-teach/teach myself. I would love to have math skills to impress my future employer and be a greater asset. I have a feeling that I could really come into something big in the employed world if I knew math quite well. Still... it could be nice to have something "official" such as a degree on my record as a math guru. (Ha.)
I sure wish I weren't so pressed for time. I would never have changed my major in the first place if it weren't so imperative that I graduate ASAP so that Ryan and I could get on with our lives.

It'll have to be a commitment on my part. A huge, hard commitment. But since this math major thing has gotten to me so badly I'd better do something about it. I've been bit by the math bug. Bad buggie!


Scott said...

I hope you can do it! That will suck if you can't do what you want.

I'm glad the math bug bit you with the desire for mathematical perfection! I do believe the math bug shit on me with the extreme inability to understand mathematical concepts! LOL!

Oh, and remember how kids always ask their algebra teachers, "When am I ever going to use this?" Teachers give the kids some lofty ideas like to buy a car you have to solve differential equations. Hmmm... I smell a rat. As a locksmith, other than the IRS crap, the most math I ever had to do was adding up to and subtracting from 23. Yes, the number 23 has significance in locksmithing.

Say, did I ever tell you my favorite pickup line? It is this:

Hey Baby, what's your favorite equation?

Shannon River said...

Hey baby... let's turn your sine into a cosine.

Har Dee Har Har. Lame-o. ;-)

Math really does have a giant impact on the world. I never doubted that when I was younger. ;-) But I know exactly what you mean about kids who don't think they need it.

23? Interesting. Kinda like the rule of 72 for population figures.