Saturday, August 30, 2008


I got my first ever award! Yippee! Thanks to Jennifer!


Ummm, well, let's see. I'm doing this class that is pretty much learning about wine and doing wine tasting. It's an upper division geography elective. I feel kinda silly taking it, especially when I do kinda yearn for calculus or physics or something... but it's satisfying a requirement for me. It's a much sought after class (wonder why) and I only resorted to it when I couldn't get into some other classes. I was surprised to get into it.

It's kinda costing me a lot though. I have to bring in a $50 fee, which they didn't mention up front, and we have an overnight trip they didn't mention up front either. But I'm making the best of the situation. We're going to be visiting some vineyards and they happen to be near a few hot springs. So Ryan and I will go up the day before and soak in the hot springs. Then I'll go get drunk all weekend. Ha ha ha.

It still feels surreal to be in that class. Oh well.
A girl asked this question "I don't mean to be square, but, like, how much wine will we be drinking? I have drive home ya know."

LOL. Very valid question, but it was funny to hear her say "Square." It's so square to drive sober, dude!

I am a junior. I just changed my major to geography from math. (I miss my math!) (I did it sadly because staying with math would've made my college take longer. I want to just finish as fast as possible so my husband and I can move out of my parents house.) Anywho... these geography classes are senior level. I didn't have any other choice, there were barely any junior level. Talk about jumping in the deep end. Yikes.

I still have one more freshman geography class to fulfill too. It seems like geography is either a freshman level or senior level, no in-betweens. I don't know. Whatever.
But I do wonder what classes there will be for me to take when I am a senior.
There is some kind of requirement... I have to take X many geography electives, but I can take other upper-division electives too. Sadly... that will be hard too because I can't just jump into junior and senior level classes without taking the freshman/sophomore classes.

I don't know. The more I think about it and ramble on about it the more I'm confused. And scared. Will I graduate this millennium? Perhaps?