Tuesday, August 26, 2008

50 feet back

Well, I don't have much to really say about my first day of school... other than mayhem. I couldn't figure out where the shuttle would be picking me up. I held it up for about a minute. :-( But it was nice of the driver to wait for me. And unlike other bonehead people I actually hurried my ass across the parking lot to get to the bus ASAP.

Then I go to the wrong classroom. Good job! The building's main entrance is actually on the second floor. I forget this. So I was looking for room 100 and was actually in 200 because I wasn't paying attention. I was relieved to escape the anthropology class that was shaping up in there though. Yikes. Not my cup of tea at all.

So I find my way to my communications class and not 30 second later the fire alarm goes off. Darn. If only it had gone off before I showed up so I didn't have to walk into the class 5 minutes late. I could've just blended in at the end of the drill.

The cop kept chasing us away from the building once we were outside. We were to be 50 feet from it. However, we were in a courtyard. There was NO area where we could be and accomplish that feat.

Whatevs. :-)

Anyway, nothing super fantastic, just the usual first day mayhem. More to follow I suppose.