Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bowling for pins

The mister and I had fun yesterday. We decided, kind of spur of the moment because we are mad-cap like that, (ha) to get out of this city. We drove to a small town about an hour away.

First we walked around a few antique shops. We saw a photographer taking pictures of a just-married couple. And this lady who was on a Harley with her old man offered to let them take pictures of them on the Harley. I want to see how those pictures turned out... but alas, I will never know. I'll just have to make them up in my mind.

Then we ate at a local restaurant. Sometimes that's a crap-shoot because honestly... I've eaten at some really bad local restaurants. And sometimes they have this attitude of "Why are you making me get you food and drink? You're disrupting my staring at the floor time."

Anywho, this place was not like that. The lady was friendly, so was the rest of the staff actually, and the food was really good. Not only that, but I ordered a grilled cheese and the cook accidentally made a grilled chicken sandwich as reported by our waitress. So Ryan asked if he could have that sandwich so it didn't go to waste and she gave it to him! And didn't charge! Sweet! We left her a good tip.

Ensuite we saw a bowling alley. It was really fun being in an old bowling alley, not some chain where they all look alike. I love charm and individuality in buildings, businesses and towns, something that is highly endangered in this corporate world. (Genarica. Generic America.) Anyway, we were the only ones in there. An old man came in for a drink of soda, but that was it.
The last time we went bowling was over two years ago in Denver. 2 games and shoe rental cost us $27. We played 4 games yesterday and it only cost us $18, shoe rental included.

I'm a little achey today though.

The drive home was beautiful, a very ugly bug landed on my windshield though. Not dead, I actually pulled over to let him get off. The weirdest bug I have seen yet. It looked like a praying mantis crossed with a grasshopper crossed with a wasp crossed with a cricket and it had this loooooong black whip tail looking thing. And it was very large. I should've taken a cell phone picture. Oh and it can fly. *shudders* I'm glad I was on the inside of the car.

I'm also happy I found the movie I need for my group presentation. We rented it at one of the big chains (yuck). I'm glad they let you rent movies without a membership now, but we got one anyways. One of the cheapest ones... because Ryan really loves movies. I do too, but he really enjoys them. BTW, the movie I'm doing for my group project is North by Northwest by Hitchy. (Hitchcock.)

Well, my mind is babbling off in many directions at once now so I'll end the insanity of this post now.


Scott said...

Some bugs are really nasty! The way you wrote that, for a minute I thought that you and your husband drove there on a Harley... but it was somebody else. I'm glad you had fun. We also have bowling in Cheyenne. :-)

Shannon River said...

I sure wish we had a motorcycle. I know someday we will. I have the blood in me... my parents ride. My dad taught me.

I did have to laugh at the idiots on other motorcycles getting pounded by some hard rain, and these morons only had on shorts and T-shirts. No helmets either.

It would be fun to go bowling in Cheyenne. I think Ryan and I need to get up there soon. Stay in some cheap motel and hang out for a couple of days. Get out of this state.