Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy March

So, March, huh? Okay, welcome to you!


Scott said...

Shannon, I need to email you back but I am sooooo stressed out from nursing school! Or remember, you can call me.

cybrpunk said...

Beware the March and the monkey's wrath so joined in it's oily black pincers. Woe be to those who make French their ducks and apples into acorns sporting tiny wings of brass.

Shannon River said...

Scott - It's okay. I tried to comment on your blog about your little weekend "vacation" last week, but I can't get through again. (frustrating! But I know it's totally necessary for you to have the validation and everything.) School is kicking my ass too.

Cybr - ... What can I say? ;-) Thanks for the warnings! I will heed.