Friday, May 23, 2008

If you have a pretty face it costs only $1

This is nothing new to me, I've encountered this situation before and I know all about it. However, just recently it happened again and now I'm compelled to whine about it.

So we buy Ryan's special super duper triple anti-biotic nose spray. His healing after the surgery is kinda slow going, but it's getting somewhere. Oy. Anyways, hence the need for this anti-biotic nose spray.

It has to be mixed specially for him and then the cost came to $69.95. We said "But he has insurance!" After the pharmacist called to check it out, turns out this medicine needs a pre-authorization. We get that straightened out eventually and we return days later to pick up the medicine.

Now our co-pay was $5. That's fabulous. But the insurance adjusted the price of the medicine down to $39. It is way beyond aggravating that if you don't have the clout of insurance, you get charged this obscene amount. I noticed that at a Dr's visit long ago. I noticed the charge on the insurance was only $50 and one time when I had to go without insurance, I figured I could handle that paying on my own. But the office charged me $95.

So ridiculous and infuriating.

In other small news... the tornado that hit Greeley CO yesterday also hit a big regional office for State Farm Insurance. The pictures are kinda funny because the cars are completely thrown about the parking lot. (and nobody was harmed in that instance.) I can't help but think... will State Farm pay for the damages? If the people had insurance of course.

ETA: Well, shoot. I tried to find the exact State Farm pictures, but I found most of the other pictures I saw yesterday here.
(Hope this link works.) The train pictures are mind boggling, as it usually is when a tornado strikes. I'm surprised it didn't hit the college; I was considering going there. (University of Northern Colorado.)

ETAA: Forgive all the editing I'm doing here. Usually I let mistakes slide, but today they're bothering me so I'm going back and fixing them.


Scott said...

Yeah, I HATE insurance and the unreasonable cost of health care!

Shannon River said...

I know. :-( Thinking about it can just about kill ya!!!

It is just... unreal. I mean, the fact that insurance companies will let people die, and prefer it, because then they don't have to pay.

I know you're going through your own hell with them. I hope it works out in your favor.