Thursday, May 8, 2008

straight up

I earned straight A's this semester! :-) I am so happy and pleased.

I am still quite frustrated... you see, I went to college in 1998 and I was studying for a Radio and TV Communications degree. During that time I earned a few B's and one C. Also last semester I earned one B and one C. (and one A.) That semester made my GPA tumble 10 points which royally sucked out loud. (from 3.77 to 3.67)

Anywho, since I returned to college in Fall 06 I have earned straight A's in every semester except Fall 07. But my GPA is only 3.71. :-( This is very frustrating because I'm working so hard and I can't graduate magna cum laude like I should be doing. It's because of those prior grades from 1998 and the crappy semester I had last fall that are making my GPA sink. :-(

Those grades from 1998 do nothing else except tank my GPA. I've worked so hard, earned straight A's and I still only wind up with 3.71.

Ok. Well, I just wanted to whine about that for a second. It's pretty frustrating and annoying. I know in the grand scheme of things GPA doesn't really matter... but there are two things about it - 1) It's nice to put on resumes and 2) I worked so hard in the classes that matter for my degree. These Radio and TV credits should not be counted.


Scott said...

Very good! Straight A's! Well, your 3.71 is way higher than what I graduated with . . . 2.85.

Shannon River said...

Thank you! :-)
Nursing school is really hard, I read your post about it. Makes me sad to think about the people who would make good nurses but got held back by such a tough and strict curriculum.