Monday, May 26, 2008

Your back is a mattress

That is a super weird, yet almost on target, kind of subject for this post.

It is Memorial Day weekend. Hence, lots of places are having sales. Our mattress is just going to complete crap. It is a Denver Mattress and I'm a little disappointed in its performance. We bought it in 2002. Now it is getting older, but really, by 2004 it wasn't comfortable anymore.

We do not have the money for a new mattress. Not to mention, I hate filling up landfills. :-( But my back is really aching every morning. Very much. And so much now that my left hip hurts continuously throughout the day as well. (because I tend to sleep on my left side.)

I do not know what to do. We could buy another mattress, just the mattress part, but really the boxspring to this bed has had it too.

We did look at these once before... one small problem is, how comfy could they really be?
However, it may not be a bad idea to get one for us to use during the last 2 years that we're living with my parents. Then we could buy a new bed once we move out and this bed could work as a sofa for awhile.

Hmmmmm. Still kills me about landfill waste, but there's not a lot I can do. This bed has really had it. And I'm tired of waking up feeling like a 60 year old.


Scott said...

Awww . . . naked Shannon is now plane Shannon. But I need to stop thinking about you all nekkid and stuff--you're married. Bad Scott!

I'm sorry your mattress is beat down. I don't even know how that could happen. I think my mattress and box spring are from Denver mattress and I think they are about 12 years old, AND I'm a big fat guy, and it still feels fine to me! Yeah, the futon thing might not be so comfortable.

Shannon River said...

LOL. Yeah, I didn't really like the way that icon looked on here... the words were too crammed in. I could've fixed them but found this cute plane icon instead for now.
The words are still apt though, or are they???

I'm horrible. Horrible!

Well, I'm glad you're getting a good performance from your Denver mattress. I actually will post a (boring) update here in a minute.