Monday, May 19, 2008


Every time I see spam in my email boxes I think of my astronomy/geography professor. In geography he would talk about how we could get cheaper drugs in Canada. Then he would joke something about how if his wife didn't stop signing him up for Viagra Runs for the Border... He kept getting offers to do that in his email box.

My brain went on vacation. I'm starting to regain a little bit of my senses. Every since my last final about 10 days ago I've been brainless. Oh well. This is certainly the time to do it while I'm on vacation from school. Though I have been trying to take care of financial affairs and that's been interesting.
I have about 3 weeks left before I have to go back. Last year I barely had 2 weeks between semesters so this is nice.

My hubby ate some egg rolls this morning and now this house stinks.


Scott said...

Uh, yuck about your husband!

Shannon River said...

Bad Hubby. No (soup) for you!

Yeah, I'm really getting tired of that smell. (he's on an egg roll kick.)

David said...

I am just discovering your blog and am so enjoying it.
Thanks for doing it!

Shannon River said...

Well, thank you very much, David!

Welcome to my little mad corner on the web. :-) It's nice to meet you.