Sunday, May 11, 2008

Just call me Magna Shannon

Yay! I had a fantastic graduation yesterday. Things went 100% better than I expected them to. Except the wind... man, every special day I have it has to be windy. That drives me nuts.

Anywho... the news of the hour is that I did indeed make Magna Cum Laude! I was in line for registering and receiving honor cords and I'll admit, I was just about to cry thinking that I was going to get a single braided Cum Laude cord when I knew I really deserved the double blue and gold Magna Cum Laude cords. Imagine my delight when I was handed the double blue and gold cords!!

For once, something at my college was fair to me. :-) They did indeed ignore the classes that didn't pertain to my actual degree and my GPA wound up being 3.91.

I have a funny story. Because we weren't allowed to have purses or anything with us, I planned on stashing my lipstick (really Burt's Bees tinted lip balm) and my single car key in my bra. I didn't have any pockets in the dress I was wearing. I would've locked my car key in my car but just in case I needed to get back into it, I decided to take it with me. I made Ryan bring my main car keys with him just in case anything happens.

Well, something did happen. During our little "pee" break in the pre-ceremony, I discovered my key was missing. I retraced my steps the best I could but didn't find anything.
After the ceremony I battled the crowds trying to retrace my footsteps again and nobody had turned in my key either. (btw my left shoe was digging into my achilles tendon and I was limping around. It shows in the video Ryan took. The blister didn't turn out too be too ugly though.)

My parents and I went to Sooper Salad to eat and for some reason I looked down the front of my dress one more time... there the key was... in my, well, pantyhose and underwear bands. I swear I looked all over my body in the bathroom stall after I discovered it was missing. Oh well, everything worked out nicely.

I saw my old math teacher, the one I loved and she gave me a huge hug and told me how impressed she was about all my honors stuff. I saw a few old student friends from my geology classes, that was really nice. So sad to think I might see them again. They were really nice and cool people. And finally I saw my French teacher. :-) She gave me a hug and she voluntarily said I could use her for a reference while I look for a work study position this summer.

And now........ I will be really brave and post a picture of myself. It was taken after we got home and I was so damn happy about having those honors cords, the ones I earned and yet I didn't think I would receive, that yes, I do have them on in this photo. Oh and my PTK stole, beautiful gold satin stole, got lipstick all over it. The wind flipped it up onto my mouth, luckily after the ceremony. Still, now I have to get that stain out. Phooey.

Anyways. I took this in my bathroom just before I was going to take a shower. I was actually have a pretty decent hair day even after wearing those dreadful graduation caps and the wind affecting it.


Scott said...

Dear Magna Shannon,

Congrats on graduating. I would comment on the rest of this post, but I was so distracted by the first picture of you. You need to know that you are a beautiful woman. I hope your husband tells you that enough!

Shannon River said...

LOL... Magna Shannon. ;-)

Well, thank you VERY much. That is so kind and sweet of you to say.

Actually, come to realize, my husband does tell me this often. Oftentimes I have a hard time believing him though... :-(