Thursday, July 31, 2008

1 down, 5 to go

One semester is done, five more to go before I graduate again. There is something to consider... if I took more than ~12 credit hours in the fall and spring, I could finish faster. Maybe. But my grants only cover that amount. Sooooo. It's just a matter of what is most important to me. I'd rather not take out more loans than I have to, and I'd rather not overload myself. I'd better re-evaluate my position soon, though. Make sure I'm on the right path to knocking out the classes I need in this time frame.

(OH and as I completely expected, I am certainly not the only one who my school "lost" their transfer scholarship. Now that I'm talking to people at this school I'm learning this happens frequently. I highly suspected that. But I am kicking myself for not sending my application in as registered mail or whatever it is where someone has to sign for it.)

It's been a very tough semester, especially these last 4 weeks. I won't got into many details, some of it is very personal, but every week something big and bad happened. Well, except for this week. One of the weeks being my ferret passing away. Something that still hurts me extremely. And my other two boy ferrets are missing him dearly too.

My last test, which I took this morning, was very tough. :-(
It was pretty sweet to see my professor, a male, turn to a puddle of mush when he saw this dog. He used to have a Newfoundland and when she died he just couldn't replace her with another one, so now I think he has a St. Bernard. But we discussed this a little bit after class once, when I was outwardly so miserable about Mordecai passing away. Anyway, this other girl in our class brought her big boy Newfoundland to school and when my professor saw him he just turned to mush, as I said.

I really, really enjoyed my professor. He knows a lot of stuff and he's a good teacher of stuff and he's sooooo easy going. He's got a great temperment and personality. I almost wish the class wasn't over, I love learning everything I can from him. I feel like a sponge, trying to soak up his words of wisdom. LOL, not trying to kiss butt here! This is all true!! I will try so hard to take another class with this guy.

PS It always surprises me how many people are not aware that when you stack two of these ~ (like a wavy equal sign) that it means "approximately." When I was a math major I couldn't believe how many people I had to tell that to. Though once I got to calculus I didn't have to explain it so much.

PPS I am annoyed because for the first 2 weeks of my second summer class, the one I bought the parking pass for, I parked out in the hot sun. Then I discovered I could park in the garage. I am kicking myself for missing out on parking garage goodness for the first 2 weeks.

PPPS I got an A on my Philosophical Filmmakers paper! Her comments were nothing but good. This makes me feel really good about myself.


Scott said...

I'm glad you did well. (Am I still welcome to comment on your blog?)

Shannon River said...

It should be ok. But you know... right? I would like to be blog comment buddies.