Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More pet peeves

Here is another situation that annoys me greatly while in school. Edition number 791. Ha.

Anyways, I hate when you get that student in your class who suggests, at every chance, "Let's do a field trip!" And they do it because they're thinking "Oh BOY! A day outside in the sun without having to do schoolwork."

Ummm hello. Taking a field trip does not cancel out a day in the classroom. This isn't elementary school. We would still have to make up the time for lost lectures and classwork. Not to mention, with gas prices being so high and the temperatures being so high, I would not like to go traipsing around outside across town.

Yeah, so there is that student in my class. (Obviously.) Every single chance she gets she shouts out "Let's do a field trip!" And then today our professor was talking about the last test and how he might make it a group kind of thing. Such as giving out 4 possible questions, the group would choose 2 questions and write about them. And thus everyone will get that grade.

But Little Miss Field Trip hears the words "open book, open notes, talking to other students" and perks right up thinking that it'll be a cakewalk. I say again: Hellllloooooo? If a test will be like that, then those questions are going to be really hard, you dimwit. Not to mention I would hate to be with a student who can't pull their weight.


Scott said...
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cybrpunk said...

Group things in school were OK but ONLY if you were with the smart group. ONLY.