Monday, July 7, 2008

Whoa dude

Because I changed my major from math to geography I have some freshman classes to catch up with. It is crazy to go from a junior level in college to a freshmen level. The differences in the classes are so outstanding.

Not only that, but so far everything is a review for me. We talked about astronomy and geology. I've had both. The only frustrating thing is... being asked a question you once knew but can't remember now.

I've had to fill my brain in the past two semesters with things I really didn't care for. I had to waste my time and energy on French, history, human geography and Philosophical Filmmakers. There is a mathematical formula which proves the loss of knowledge through time. I think that after about 2 years of learning a subject, and not brushing up on it obviously, you lose a good 80% retention of that previous knowledge.

Anyways. It's just frustrating to feel... non-linear in my learning. I'm glad that I'm finally going to have more consistency in my classes from now on... more geography related in one way or another... now that I've gotten rid of most of the "core requirements" for a "well-rounded college student."

Unfortunately I never took great geology notes, his lectures just weren't good for that. But I do have good astronomy notes to brush up on. If I can find them.
And while I'm at it... it sure would be nice to retain some of my mad math skills.

All this just leaves my brain feeling confused. I can't explain it other than that way... confused. I'm not saying that I wouldn't like exposure to other courses, but it would be nice to build upon what I learn rather than starting and stopping in blocked spurts of time.

PS - I want to add a complaint. Just to point out something that bothers me, and it underscores my point here. I took French I Spring 08... hoping I could take French II in the summer. But that just wasn't possible. NO colleges around here were offering it in the summer. So there we go again... I took the first class and now I have to wait one more year before I can take the second. This is so frustrating!!

I'm also mildly worried about the fact that I have to take so many higher level electives, but yet I still have to get in 2 freshman geography classes. An advisor did sit down with me and she seemed to think everything will work out fine, but I had a very hard time following her the way she was explaining it all. *frowny face* Ever have that happen, where the person is just so familiar with everything that it's so CLEAR to them, but you're hopelessly lost? I asked her questions but her answers were just about as clear as fudgey pudding.
Mmmmm. Fudgey pudding.


Scott said...

Well that is good that you are getting into the real classes you need. And I do understand about the crappy times the offer some required classes to rope you into staying at the university longer than you really should have too!