Tuesday, July 1, 2008

juillet un

Julliet. What a pretty word and even sounds pretty. Though most of French does sound pretty unless you have to make that sound like you've got something caught in your throat.

Dang. I just didn't feel like golfing today. I didn't feel like being out in the hot bright sun. However, now it's clouded over! It would be very nice outside.

Lately our afternoons are reminding me of my childhood. When I was younger the Colorado summer weather was to be hot and sunny but building afternoon thunderstorms. We've missed that for about the last 10 years. Now every day it's been clouding over. No rain for our neighborhood though. But that's okay. (wish it would rain though.) I enjoy the clouds. I really do. I love rain, clouds, T-storms, snow...

I'm also enjoying the peace and quiet in this house. It's been a loooooong time since I've had the place to myself. My dad retired 2 years ago and my mom retired last year, though she's got a part time job now. It can get tiring to not get any time to yourself.

One last thing in this highly intellectually stimulating post... Ryan's got to get on his doctor's office. They are whack. (LOL) Okay, really, the thing is he went for about 4 or 5 post-surgery office visits. Each and every time we would check with the billing people before we left and they would just wave us through. As they should because these appointments are "free".

Everyday since last Thursday they've been sending us "FINAL NOTICE" statements. Each and every one says "This will be the ONLY statement we send to you." And they are demanding their co-pay for those post-op visits. *sigh*
It's probably just some glitch in the computer system or someone entered a code wrong, but I sure hope this won't be a big ugly mess to clean up.

I'm still pretty steamed from the last time something like this happened. Ryan had a VNS implanted. The surgeon did it in the hospital of course. Two days later we go to the neuro's office where upon the dude did 2 minutes of work using his computer to turn it on.

We were charged $700 for that racket. And we had to pay out of pocket! We fought and fought and they would NOT budge on it. At all.

I'd better end this now before I get too riled up. (Think: kittens and rainbows, kittens and rainbows, kittens and rainbows.)


Scott said...

Sorry. Medical bills do suck. The office probably tried to bill your insurance, but for some fake reason or not, the insurace company denied to pay your claims. That means that the office turns around and goes for you to pay it. Because it doesn't really matter to them or not if you or the insurance pays it, just as long as they get their money. Insurance is an evil business, I tell you!

Ugh. I wish it would rain here, too. Wouldn't it be nice if we could take those floods to the East of us and dump them on California to put out all the wildfires? If we could just "average" all the weather in this country, we'd have fewer problems!

Shannon River said...

You nailed it right on the head, mon ami. Right on the head. *sigh*

OF COURSE the insurance refuses to cover it. And you wanna know why? Because the Dr put a scope up Ryan's nose. And they don't want to cover that.

How ELSE would the Dr be able to do a post-op exam in the sinuses???

Now we have to dig up $90. This is seriously pissing me off. (though it's not as bad as the $700 for the neurologist that one time.)

Insurance is AWFUL. It makes me SO super angry.
And that was the attitude we got from the neuro's office about that $700. They didn't care who paid it, they just wanted their money. And they had no sliding scales or anything. They just glared at us with the greediest of greedy looks on their faces.

I know this is nothing compared to what you've been through (though Ryan's brain injury and resulting care is quite steep) but it just pisses me off that the Dr got $700 for less than 2 minutes of work.

Anyways. Kittens and Rainbows. (ha.)

It finally did rain yesterday, just as I got out of class. I was DRENCHED.

I know, I wish we could siphon the flood waters out to CA for the fires.

Scott said...

Yes, Kittens and Rainbows, Shannon. I am sorry we lost contact on our chat. Oh well... You know how to look me up!