Friday, July 11, 2008


I just survived my first week of my new summer class. I am loving it. I love the subject matter, even though it's review for me, and I love the professor. Turns out... the professor is one my mother had before. When she got her degree 10 years ago, she took a geology class and loved that professor. But that wasn't at this same college and all she could remember is his first name. As I sat in the class all week I had a nagging feeling about something and I started to put the pieces together and turns out, it's the same guy.

He is great. Really down to earth, thoughtful, funny and considerate. He is a man of science, he's an engineer and geologist. He also teaches physics and astronomy. Anyway, some how we got on the subject of creationism and stuff like intelligent design. He manged to present his side and explain what the other side says and he did it in a very respectful way.

A little case in point about his respect, but with a different example... he was explaining the sub solar point from astronomy and this dinky student just blurts out a question "And this happens every day?" I could tell he was taken aback just a little by the stupidity of the question, but he manages to always answer questions - no matter how dumb - with grace and respect. He never belittles the student.
(BTW, the answer to the question was: yes, the sun does hit the earth everyday. Good grief. Some people. This middle aged lady is just... she's two crayons shy of a full box.)
I'm kind of reminded of an episode of "South Park" ... "There are no stupid questions, only stupid people." LOL

I digress. I mean, I have my moments too, we all do, but when it's silly question after question it gets old. Also, anyone else annoyed when people just blurt out questions, even if they interrupt the professor? I refuse to do that. I always raise my hand, but I notice people don't do that anymore.

So at the end of this class he left us with philosophy. Basically he said a closed mind is dangerous. The people who don't want to see any other point of view are the most dangerous. He gained massive respect points from me.

I'm going to try and take as many classes with him as I can.


Scott said...

Yeah! I'm glad you have a good prof. They can make crappy subjects bearable.

Hmmm... my doc did benzodiazepine me up. So I'm about to benz-up and hopefully I get to sleep and stay that way!

Shannon River said...

Professors can really make or break the class. I have totally found that out.

Hope you got some sleepy-by time.