Saturday, July 5, 2008

Insure that they get your money

The follow up to my last post about insurance is that our insurance company denied the post-op visits because the Doc stuck a scope up Ryan's nose. And they don't want to cover that. So now we have to pay the co-pays, and it's $90.

Even sadder... My dad chatted with me this morning and said "Did I ever tell you there's a lot of bullshit out there?" I said "Kinda, which bullshit are we referring to specifically, because that's a large topic."

Just because he's a year older, 60 years old and retired, his insurance premiums shot up $90 for each month. Each month. This just kills me. Yes, older people may usually require more care and everything, but dammit... the human life should not be reduced to dollars and cents.

(I came within 15 feet of Obama just awhile ago. I felt like shouting out "FIX OUR HEALTH CARE". And I'm regretting more and more that I didn't say that. Not that it wouldn't have mattered really, but still.)

I just said that older people may require more health care, which is true, but here's an example of things that shouldn't be happening. My dad naturally has heart problems running in the family. (I'm the lucky heir to that throne myself.) Family trait high cholesterol. Many insurance companies refuse to take him on because he's on a medication to treat the high cholesterol. BUT if he were NOT on that medication, they'd take him.

Soooooo, they'd rather shell out big time for some kind of heart attack or by-pass surgery rather than pay for a medication that should prevent such occasions? Of course, I do see how they're just hoping they'll win the lottery and maybe he would just die during the heart attack or maybe it just won't happen at all.

Thinking about all this bullshit is going to give me a heart attack right now. I hate it. It's so completely unfair and I don't see any resolutions in the foreseeable future.


Scott said...

I feel your pain.

I've come to a few conclusions in my woes:

1. There is no compassion in health insurance. They only exist to take your money. They come up with all sorts of bullshit to deny paying for things they are supposed to, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. They don't care if you live or die. Although if you died, that might be good because then you'd quit pestering them.

2. Insurance is gambling. The house always wins.

3. The government either doesn't give a damn (contrary to what they say), or they do, but they are too afraid to take on the big monsters.

Sadly, "the needs of the many DO outweight the needs of the few, or the one." This is a decent philosophy when you are healthy and can't imagine being sick, but if you are the few or the one, it's hard to see the goodness in giving up your life so that the insurane company CEO can have his monthly Rolls Royce delivered to his mansion on time!

Call me and I will tell you why school insurance might be a mistake. Because that gets into things I don't want to type about.