Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Whoa... what?

What is this, random generated? LOL Well, heck, for a giggle and to start off my New Year feeling brilliant, I thought I would post this.

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How wild.

I had a good New Year's. My dad's band was rocking out for some rich yuppies... the atmosphere was really kinda neat. As in the decor. And the drunk yuppies. Baby Boomer Yuppies. :-)
So I had a beer, a complimentary champagne and rang in the new year. Which I think will be a good one. Oh and me and the hubby cut a rug. Or else we just pointed with our fingers a lot on the downbeat. Ha ha.


One of the weirdest things for me is for it to suddenly be January once again. We have to start all over. (but not really of course. Just feels that way sometimes.)

ETA: Because this blog has very little entries so far, I thought I would check my old one as well.
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;-) Good times.