Sunday, January 27, 2008

Memory time

A little over a year ago I was in geology class. I've taken both physical and historical geology.

I was running a little late to class due to a computer glitch from my previous computer class. So I walk in about 4 minutes late, people are already there and my instructor is talking at the front of the room. The door to this room happens to line up with the front of the room.

So my professor is already talking about whatever subject and he looks at me at the same time just as people tend to do when the door opens. The sentence he was uttering at that very moment was "Now for idiot number two..."
I kid you not.

I said "I'm idiot number two?"

Turns out he was talking about something humorous, I can't quite remember now, perhaps it might have to do with the Darwin awards. He loves humor and I know he was reading something humorous to the class when I entered.

The timing was priceless!