Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dazzle and shazzle

This will be the best post you've ever read.* It will not bore you to tears.* It will not make you nod off at the keyboard.* It will not... hey, where are you going?

*Lies, all lies.

So. Ballroom dancing was kinda fun. Kinda. Then today I had my first looooooong day at school. It was that, and then some. But I'll survive. ONE good thing about my odd schedule is that it's nice to know I don't have classes the next day. Nothing worse than getting piled up with homework for one day's classes, only to know the next day you'll get more for those classes.

But it was "eh" overall. I started off to school a little late, yet somehow made it on time. Still nerve wracking. I hate being late, especially on the first days/weeks. But then... I was at the school, waiting for my next class... I walk in 5 minutes early and nearly everybody is already there! They all gave me this look like "You're late." And the teacher had already started talking a bit. That sucked. Annoying!

Well, that's really just about all I have to say for myself right now. No big wonderful tales of my mind expanding days at school. Although during history I was thinking "Please let a meteor strike me." *groan* History. Yuck.

Oh wait! I'll leave you with this. Turns out they are trying to charge Ryan non-resident tuition. He's been a CO resident all his life. Despite being born 13 miles from the KS border and me teasing him about being a Kansas Boy. Anyways, we dropped off the appropriate forms (which is another story in itself that I'll spare you) and the lady says "The financial aid officer will let you know of his decision through the mail."

Let us know his decision? He doesn't get to decide if Ryan's a CO resident or not... Ryan is a CO resident! Case closed! For the sake of a cow!

PS. Ok, one more thing. The French book did show up today, so yay for that! Boo to the fact that it's not in very good condition (but I'll live) and boo that it was mailed 2 days later than they said they would mail it (they sat on the order for 5 days)... but it's here finally and I'm glad about that. Oh wait, one more thing, it's the teacher's edition! They never said so in their listing.
Still... I am just happy it's here and I didn't get majorly ripped off or anything.