Friday, January 4, 2008


Guess what? I get to spend a minimum of $475 on my college textbooks this semester! I'm really excited, I think it's wonderful that I get to spend money I don't have on expensive books. I can't tell you all the hours I have spent worrying about spending less than $300 or something like that.

I'd like to thank all the little people who have made this possible. And I'm really glad that my high bookstore prices will fund other people's childcare... especially since I don't have any children at the moment to partake in the childcare center. I'm more than willing to throw a bunch of money to all you parents! I don't need it for anything really. Your children are far more important to me. College really is about childcare, not higher education.

I could continue to thank people, but I think they'll know how much I appreciate them when I reach deep into my pockets and pay up.

I'd better go get ready for my night ahead of hooking sleeping.


cybrpunk said...

I understand that you can get a lot of text books on-line in both new and used condition for much cheaper prices. You should look into that.

Shannon River said...

I already did, see a later post. ;-)