Monday, January 7, 2008

No means no.

If all goes according to plan and goes well.... *knock on wood* I just ordered my textbooks from private sellers... and this will grant me a savings of $275.

My bill from the college was $510. (and I had only bought one book new because there were no used ones.) Now with these savings from private deals, my new book bill will be about $235.

I swear. I friggin' hate my college. The mark-up is just un-effing-real.

Drove home during rush evening when a nice snowstorm just moved in for the occasion. Goodness. I'm quite lucky to have not gotten hit by any of the morons out there. There were a ton of accidents. And major congestion. I really look forward to moving to a small town. I've had it with this big city mess.

Oh, and I accomplished stuff for changing to the 4 year university. I had to have my high school transcript mailed to the new college, and I hope the ladies get the address right. They said they would, but as I left they didn't sound so sure. :-( Tonight I'll fill out the full application, write my lovely check for the damn application fee, which was just smoking from writing the fee for my high school transcript... aaaaannndddd... that's about it.

That's enough boring details for now. Kirk out.


Scott said...

A-ha! You are a Trekkie! NICE! What are you studying?

Shannon River said...

Photon Torpedoes.

Riiight. ;-)

Actually, I changed my major from math to geography. I know this may sound strange, but the route I want to go down in geography is along the lines of GIS. I'll probably end up being heavy in math and computers yet.