Wednesday, January 9, 2008

It has arrived

Took long enough! I ordered this mouth guard thing for bruxism (night grinding of the teeth) 2 days after Xmas last year. I've watched it sit in Utah for a week, and then they finally shipped it to my city, then they shipped it up to Denver, and back down to my city to finally be delivered to me.

Oooookay. But at least I finally got it. On the last day they promised too, they promised it would be here between January 2-9. Good golly.

That's a funny word - delivered. Sounds like taking the liver out of something. Ugh. Gross.


Kimblahg said...

I have to wear a night guard as well. I've worn one for ten years and while it helps, I still grind them away. Hope yours helps!

Shannon River said...

I should have been wearing one for 10 years! I've been very bad about it.
I hated the one the dentist made me, and it grew what looked like mold inside of it anyway. Then I tried those ones you boil and I hate how big they are. So now I'm trying a Splintek one. Hope it works!

Darn night grinding! What a pain, huh?