Friday, March 21, 2008

Bear encounter

My history prof taught us a valuable lesson on how to survive a bear encounter while hiking. Actually two lessons, but the first one has to be a skill.

#1 - Lecture about history and the bear will fall asleep.

If that don't work go to plan B

#2 - Bring a 22 caliber pistol. Wait, what? That won't stop an 800 pound grizzly. No. But if you shoot your spouse in the foot then you will be able make a quick get-away.

He does love his wife of course. He always jokes about how she's the computer brains in the family and every time he needs help it costs him a nice dinner out.

OH! And another story... He said when he cross-country skis and he falls he says a certain 4 letter word. Well, then his Siberian husky comes over to check on him and help him up. But the other day he was in his basement when the computer did something that caused him to shout that same 4 letter word. The husky was out in the backyard, pried open the patio door and ran down to check on him. Awwwwww. Now that's too adorable. (He said he gave her a treat after that.)

I think I'll miss this guy when the semester is over. And actually, I'll really miss my French teacher too. She's awesome. I love one of my geography professors, but he does teach at the new school I'll be going to, so I hope to be in one of his classes over there.


Scott said...

Good school stories. Shocking change of blog! I like it, though! The colors are very earthy and woodsy.

Shannon River said...

I like to mix things up. :-)