Wednesday, March 19, 2008

DSL has landed at Chez Moi

Yay! We finally have DSL. My husband and I were up all night last night watching crazy animal videos.

School is... well, school is. *sigh* Next week is my spring break, but that doesn't really matter as I have lots of homework to do. But at least I don't have to go sit in classes all day. We'll be paying a bunch of money to get my car's AC fixed though, oh joy. Also, I am highly looking forward to my graduation with my Associate's in May, but I'm groaning every day about the fact that I still have two more years of this BS ahead of me. *double sigh*

You know... I'm not sure what thoughts I have about something. My French teacher is so nice, but she definitely commands respect and won't allow herself to be walked over. She taught in Brooklyn for cheese's sake!

I am all for being nice, believe me. I can be way too nice for my own good. But on Tuesday she gave us our grades, but there were only four of us in the whole class who have turned in all the homework on time. (I am one of those, yes, thank you.) (Oh and I have an 87% in the class which surprised and pleased me. Maybe I might be able to pull that up into an A! But even if I can't I have such a strong B, that's nice.) (Could I do any more parentheses? ((why yes, here's a double!))) Beautiful.

Ok, focus funnel. Back to my point. So anyways, my teacher told these people that the missing assignments are blanks right now but they will turn into zeros if they don't turn them in soon.
Hmmmm.... I hate to be a ball buster, but it does annoy me just a tiny bit that I worked hard, turned in my homework on time and now these other people are getting a second chance.

I'm really ambivalent about all this. Yes I'm taking the time to type it all out... but see I just feel so weird about it. I would want a second chance, it's nice this teacher isn't out to make us fail (and besides doing the homework lends to learning; that's her thinking about it) and I am a nice person who usually bends over backwards to please and help people.

Still, I can't help but feel a tiny amount of "Dammit, I did the work on time and the people who didn't do not really get penalized."


Scott said...

Hahahha! I over-parenthasize, too. Loved the "double". Well, at least you can look at it this way... you are OVER the stress of those assignments, but THEY have to do them now! But it does suck. If she is going to change the original standard as lined out in the syllabus, then she should at least give you and the other three who are on top of it some extra credit! Yay on the DSL! Now you can comment more on my blog?

Scott said...

SHANNON! I was just thinking... I read your stuff and I don't even know what you LOOK LIKE! I imagine one day I will get to meet you because we live pretty close, but until then, could you post a picture on your blog, or, if you want to remain unseen on there, you could always email me!

Shannon River said...


Yep, I have a feeling we live so close we will meet someday. :-) And I like Wyoming. (though not so much the ranching/cowboys/right wing/conservative stuff. :-( But I like that there are less people up there.

Anywho... I do not take great photos. Someone else has wanted to see my picture too.
I will try and make an effort to find/take a good photo of me soon.