Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Free lunch!

Ryan and I just went to our city's new Costco. And we had lunch basically. Wow, I couldn't believe how many samples that were being offered.

2 different things on crackers, cheese on crackers, cheese by itself, pancakes, veggie scrambles (Morningstar veggie food, I love it), pita chips, ham, tacos, burritos, mushroom soup, carrot juice... and a FULL container of yogurt!! I had Harvest Peach. Kinda wish I had chosen strawberry instead.

That was interesting and fun. Ryan was delighted in all the free food. Some of it was indeed very good. One thing we didn't touch was salmon. I'm a vegetarian so I would get a meat sample and give it to Ryan, but he doesn't like salmon.

I got a hair cut last night! I couldn't stand it anymore. The funny thing is... all I needed was for it to be shaped up better, and so really there wasn't a massive amount of hair cut off. But I'm happier with it. I'm growing it out again. I don't know why, just 'cause.

Then after my hair cut we browsed in a costume jewelry store. I found a necklace that I really liked and some earrings that go well with it. So I decided to wear those at my graduation instead of making my own. We brought back those supplies today.

(Oh - sidenote... I detest when people bring their dogs with them to stores on hot days... and at first I thought there were no windows rolled down for this puppy. When I inspected the car closer I did see that the sun roof was open, that's better than nothing, otherwise I would've left a note. ((or called the humane society if it were a super hot day and the dog was in trouble.)) Anyways, the doggie was a dachshund with one blue eye and one brown eye. So cute!!)

I really need to get off my lazy butt-tocks (say it like Forest Gump) and post some pictures. I got some super cute shots of my gerbils. Storm is doing very well, he's the one who had a skin tummy tumor removed.

Ok. That's it. I think I'd better get off the computer for now and get some stuff done. I have some midi's I'd like to add to my cell phone as well. But only after I vacuum and do a few other things. Maybe even try to take some photos of myself. Maybe. ;-)