Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ready for some real life?

I did something stupid today. I spent money we can't afford. I really honestly hate myself. Worse? I shopped at places that give NO refunds, returns or store credits. What is wrong with me?

My husband and I went to Old Colorado City, basically just shopping places. Usually high priced.
I found ONE bargain. There was this ferret statue that I found last year that cost $125. Today we just happened to pop in and there the ferret was, with its tail broken off. And now it was on sale for $40. (and the tail was a nice clean break, so a little glue and it'll be as good as new.)

That's okay. But it didn't stop there. Oh no. We next went to this little shop where I bought these "name ornaments". I got into this odd frenzy during the holidays of collecting ornaments that had our names on them. And then I spotted this sterling silver ring for $18 that was cute.

I said "okay... but now you've got to stop it, Shannon."

Of course the gods couldn't just leave it be, noooo, they had to test me. We popped into this antique/flea market type of store. Guess what I found amidst the piles and piles of stuff? An otter statue. It was so cute, it has 3 otters sculpted into playing around a shipwreck. I have never seen anything like it. It was from Scotland, hand painted in 1984 and a limited edition. And $95.

Yes. Yes, of course I bought it.

I feel SO guilty right now and angry with myself. We can't afford this! It was all bought on credit cards and we have to pay to fix my car's AC next week.
But as I said, I can't even take this stuff back. Not that I super want to do that.... it is hard to find ferrety/ottery things. I wish I could at least take this ring back and guess what? Turns out I already had the ornaments that I bought last year.

Well, so fine. There is nothing much I can do about all this now. What is done is done. I just have to stick to my promise to myself and my husband now that I will NOT buy anything but absolute necessities for the next 6 weeks. (and beyond frankly.) Our credit card debt is slowly rising once again. *sigh* :-(


Scott said...

Awww, I'm sorry. Those impulse purchases ae hard to fight down when you see stuff you will only see on time! You still have my number, right? Remember, you can call me anytime!

Shannon River said...

That is VERY true... what a valid point. It was very hard to pass up some stuff that I knew I may not see again. :-(

I'll just have to stay away from even browsing in places like that for a long time, I guess.

I should call you sometime. I'm just so darn shy about the phone. ;-)