Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Force

The Force is not strong with this one right now.

Good grief. I bought two rings just before they A) went on further sale and 2) I got a coupon for 15% off.

I did get to use a 10% off coupon when I made the initial purchase, but dammit!
"Luckily" I am sending one back already because I didn't like it. But now I've paid $16 more for this other ring.

My timing totally sucks on this right now!


Scott said...

I'm sorry. They won't let you use the coupons retroactively? I think a lot of places let you do that within like 30 days of the purchase. But--is the jewlery pretty? Does it make you happy and feel a little more beautiful when you wear it? I hope so!

Shannon River said...

Scott, I think I will at least give it a shot! I'll go ahead and email them. (I bought the stuff online.)

I hope you see this comment. I'm having a hard time posting to yours again. (BUT we're getting DSL at our house finally! That will help!!)

Sorry your school life is so stressful right now. Mine is as well, but at least I don't have the added bonus of having patients depend on my education!
That really sucks that there are some teachers who are out to try and make you fail. I can understand the concept behind that, as easily can be a life/death situation, but STILL. How stressful!