Saturday, March 29, 2008

mellow yellow

Truly? I have nothing exciting to really talk about. Except this, which is pretty much only exciting to me. My graduation attire is coming together.

My MIL gave me a bunch of clothes years ago to donate to Goodwill. I held onto a few really good pieces, thinking I might actually be able to get something for them on consignment. Never did check into that. Well, I dug through the closet and found this pink dress from that pile of clothes that would be perfect for a spring graduation. It's knee-length and pink. Dressy but not too dressy. My newly bought costume jewelry looks smashing with it.

Today Ryan and I trekked around trying to find some cute white shoes. I don't like super high heels (ha! I originally typed hells and that's about right) and my feet are very particular. I didn't like any of the styles they have out right now.

So I decided to just forget it and wear a pair of my mom's shoes. She has her old high heeled black tap shoes from long ago. She had the taps removed so she could wear them as dress shoes. I originally wanted to wear white shoes, but ultimately I think this will be better. I can actually walk in these shoes, from the days I took tap as well. So no tripping on the podium for me!

(The shoes are a size too big for me, but I'm going to put some comfort insoles in there anyways. I'd say Podium Tripping is about a 5% chance or less.) ;-)

I'm going to admit... I did NO homework over this break. Bad, bad me. But I will get cracking now. I'll start reading my Quaker books tonight, for my history paper, tomorrow I'll study my French and Monday I'll study my geography.

I only have 10 classes left of each class! Woo hoo!! (not including finals week.) Crunch time though. Oh boy.