Sunday, April 13, 2008

double edged sword

You know... I am aware that what makes a blog, or a person, interesting is what they write or share. Sometimes I wish I could share much more of my life, but I also am petrified of giving too much information away.

Maybe I could start taking some pictures or something, to at least make this blog a little more interesting. I can certainly show off all my cute critters, at the very least! So maybe I'll work on that.

But here's something... I am actually concerned and a little scared about something. I'm not usually a person who is an extreme alarmist but I am a tiny bit worried. When the VA Tech shootings happened, I had to go to college the next day. As I drove onto campus I actually thought to myself "I hope I don't get shot today."

My school is holding our graduation ceremony at New Life Church of all places. If you recall, there was a shooting at that place as well, in which 2 young girls died. As I drove onto my campus last week, I looked over at the church and... you know... it's just when you know something horrible took place at a certain location, you can never really look at that location the same again.

I'm not super worried or anything, but it is a rising concern in the back of my mind. I asked if we will have campus security at our graduation. I sure hope so.

Ok - Here are some photos. I should play around with Photobucket's new editing feature more, that could be fun. I thought I would kinda start things off by showing my gerbils.

This is Storm. He was the poor wittle one who had surgery back in January or February. This is the only picture I took of that. What a big scar for a little critter! His skin tumor was pretty large. :-(

He's doing great. Here he is with his fur grown back now.
Mr. Cutie McCute

This is Teddy, his brother.

Teddy is a bit harder to get photos of because he's mostly black and he's a little stubborn. Stormie at least has a sense of humor and likes to be a camera ham.

I don't have any great photos of me just yet, but I took some photos to ask opinions about my glasses somewhere else... so I'll post one of those.


Scott said...

Wow! I've now seen your eyes!

Hmmm... I understand your fear of revealing too much on the blog. Just today I found out that something I wrote on my blog a while back actually hurt one of my friends! And I thought that the only one who might get hurt was me. But now I feel bad for what I unintentionally did to her!

Shannon River said...

I'm sorry. That really sucks that something has gone awry in your blogging world. :-(

Well, we're human. Of course you didn't intentionally do it. Sadly that just happens sometimes.

It's hard when things can be taken out of context in blogging or even... not correctly conveyed.