Friday, April 25, 2008

the title

I'm feeling depressed. And I really would rather not get into it much, who needs a lot of whining? Yeah.

So I will say I got a 91% on my history paper. Yay, good.

I sure wish I had some extra money. Though I would be torn about spending it on our credit card debt, or actually doing something. And the thing I would really like to do right now is go to Glenwood Springs. I would love to be able to do that on my break between semesters.

Ryan and I took a trip up there when I was a bus driver. I drove a group of high schoolers up there for some business thing... shoot, the name escapes me. Anywho... Not 30 minutes after we arrived there Ryan had a grand mal seizure. While we were out eating. A kind man asked me if I needed any help, but I had it pretty well covered. Too bad this same man got to see Ryan throw up all his food he had just eaten.

Then we had to hobble back to the hotel room. Where Ryan puked some more. *sigh* And I wasn't feeling well myself, which is typical back in those days. I was nearly always sick but especially when I was supposed to be on a fun trip.

Ryan slept all day and I rode the shuttle bus nearly in tears because what was supposed to be a fun trip was turning out utterly miserable.

I ended up driving myself to the ER in the BUS later that night because I was having difficulties breathing and at my parents urging. "You don't want to be too sick to drive them home." This is very true but then I got to spend 4 hours in the ER where there were only 3 other people waiting. It was ridiculous. EXTREMELY ridiculous. Then I had to pay the $400 bill out of pocket.

(BTW, my last chest X-ray showed that I had some scarring on my lungs. Gee, I wonder why when it seems like every time I turned around I was sick, especially with breathing issues.)

Just miserable all around. I hate how things have to work against me at times. This was supposed to be a fun, free, great trip and look at all the stuff that went wrong!

But anywho. I would just really like to sit in some hot springs. I love hot springs. I wish I lived a little closer to some, there are some in Idaho Springs I think... but I've heard you don't want to go there.

Ryan and I honeymooned in Pagosa Springs. :-)