Sunday, April 13, 2008

taxes and grants

Bleh. I just tried to do my state taxes... I'm sure I did them all wrong. I'll have my dad check them over. I feel so confused on them this year because of my unusual circumstances. I only made about $1000 for a work study and I closed out a retirement account (only about $4000 worth) to pay bills last year. So I'm not sure what to do exactly. *headache*

But onto the more nice thing... I got my financial aid award letter from my college yesterday. They estimate my tuition costs, with books and fees, to be about $7,951.00. They gave me grants for $7,900.00. Pretty cool! I'm glad I caught my mistake with FAFSA from the first time I filed, or else I wouldn't be getting anything.

The tricky part is the credit hours. They based their estimations on my taking 12 credit hours. That wouldn't really get me out of college in the next two years. So I will have to go in the summer time. I'm fine with that, it's just the grants only cover the Fall and Spring semesters. I have to apply for extra aid for the summer. I hope I can at least get a work study or something. Because I will have to go in the summer, for about 6 credits, to make it to graduation on time in 2010.

I just hope I can get the financial aid I need for the summer time!! I won't be able to even apply for aid until roughly the end of this month when they finally put out their forms. :-(

-Picard out.