Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lookee over there... to the right of the screen

After being blase (you know, with the accent grave or whichever accent it is) I finally succumbed to Twitter. I decided it just might be kinda nice to state short sentences here and there, because there are times I want to but it seems silly to make a whole post for it.

I'm stuck here at school of course. I should be doing an annotated bibliography, but I'm choosing to ignore that right now. I have more pressing matters at hand, like choosing an icon for Twitter.

I got a 95% on my history test. Yay! However, I have done the unthinkable, I put off the term paper until the very last minute. Oy. So I get to write that this weekend.
I also had to go to a friend/classmate's house last night to work on our group presentation which is this Saturday. Boooooooo. I hate presentations. And we had to work on our project for 7 hours. I didn't get home until almost 2 in the morning.

I guess that's about all in my life right now. My husband will be having surgery for his nose/sinuses on the 30th.

Man, school is almost out for the semester and I am having a really hard time staying focused. All these remaining papers and tests.... they all can just bite me.

What's worse though... is that I'll have one month off before my summer semester. That's kinda bad because then you get out of homework/study mode. But at least when I go back for the summer, for the first half I'll only have one class to deal with. That will be nice.
Now let's just hope I can get the financial aid for the summer semester.

One final thought. I do have Irish in my background. My dad has an Irish name and I was indeed named after the Shannon River in Ireland.
My husband happens to have a really great Irish name in his family, McCaffrey. It was his mother's maiden name. I wish so much that it were his actual surname. How perfect a name would that be? Shannon McCaffrey. Not to mention his fine Irish name, Ryan. We should just change it. :p