Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's shiney

Aw crud! I feel the need to share something with y'all. I went to my college's computer lab and played around online for a little while. On a very crappy "old" computer with a keyboard that seems to have acquired some mysterious sticky fluids over time. Then I came to the library to do some studying for my history test I have on Thursday.

BUT! There are 2 new computers here in the library. In excellent spots, where you get full privacy. And I couldn't resist. Now how the hell am I supposed to start studying when there's a shiney new computer to play on? Even this keyboard feels like buttah.

This is terrible! No fair! They can't dangle fun in front of a college student who has a touch of "eff-it-all-itis" and should be studying. Nuts.

Well, I will try to peel myself away in just a few minutes.