Monday, April 7, 2008

I'll ring you

My dad, my husband and I golfed again today. Colorado in the springtime is just great. We saw sun, thunder, corn snow, wind and the sun again. It got pretty miserable for a short while there with the ice cold wind blowing right in the ears.

I'm really trying to think of ways to not be super boring. This blog thing is still... interesting. I mean, why read me? I attempt to be witty and entertaining at least a little bit. And try not to be a total snooze fest. Oh well. So I shall just bore you. There we go, can't kill them with kindness at least you can bore them to death.

Anywho... I am ring shopping. I have been ring shopping for, oh what, 6 years now? I just CANNOT find a ring set that I like for my wedding rings. I have very picky tastes coupled with short small fingers. And I like jewelry that can take a little bit of a beating. It's a very tough situation. I don't like diamonds, but I think I might have to give in and wear some. I prefer sapphires, but it's hard to find them in a set. If I ever did find a solitaire sapphire ring I could have a shadow band made for it... but I haven't really found something I love. That I can afford.

Picky tastes and also, apparently, expensive tastes. Dude, most anything that I really like is 2 kajillion dollars.

I don't know why it's so important to me. Well, actually, I do. My wedding jewelry is the only jewelry I wear daily. That and earrings. And jewelry expresses who you are to the world. It expresses your personality. And we women just tend to notice this stuff. I'm forever looking at other women's wedding jewelry. (And may I just add... some of this stuff... I just cannot understand why women like it!)

And there you go. You now have a richer mind for reading my blog today.

You ever bite into a chocolate bunny from Easter and it turns out it's hollow and you're disappointed? Frankly, I think I might prefer that from now on. I'm trying to eat a solid chocolate bunny from Easter and it's not going too well.